Originally Written By: McCabe, Ed

Mr. Ed McCabe is an investigative journalist and leading expert on the subject of oxygen therapies for degenerative disease. During his investigation and research into the subject, he has visited many oxygen therapy clinics throughout the world, interviewing doctors who administer oxygen therapy, and thousands of people who have successfully used it. He is the founder and executive director of the Foundation for the Advancement of Oxygen Therapies, an organization dedicated to research and education. He writes a syndicated newspaper column and national magazine articles. His bestselling book, Oxygen Therapies, is now in its 32nd printing, and has sold over 90,000 copies. It describes all known ways of using special forms of oxygen in the body to maintain health and treat disease. His new book is called Ozone Versus AIDS.

In my book, Oxygen Therapies, I list about 30 or 40 different oxygen therapies: hydrogen peroxide, ozone, Homozone, stabilized oxygen products, deep breathing, yoga, and pranic exercises. It goes all the way from free to very expensive in a clinic somewhere. But somewhere in between you can find something. Every single person can benefit.


The most common oxygen therapy is hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide that is used is not the kind you buy in the drug store which has heavy metals, phenols and quinones in it that are poisonous. Thirty-five percent food grade hydrogen peroxide is used. In the eighteenth century, doctors prescribed food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted in water to people to drink. I have been to clinics where AIDS patients use food grade hydrogen peroxide for bathing. They take a gallon of 35% hydrogen peroxide, and dilute it in a bathtub filled with 10 to 20 gallons of water. Thirty-five percent hydrogen peroxide is so strong you can’t put it directly on your skin or drink it except when properly diluted. Otherwise, it will burn you. Three percent peroxide can be sprayed on food, or put 1 tbsp. in a liter of water and soak your vegetables for 20 minutes. You can use it to spray your body after a shower. It absorbs right into the skin. This peroxide is given by doctors, injected into the body at 0.0375% (as an upper limit of concentration) which is very dilute. If you put a lot of peroxide in a vein, you will turn it sclerotic; it will turn brittle and break and burn. You don’t want that. So there are established protocols for using oxygen therapy. The protocols are available from IBOM and ECHO. Hydrogen peroxide is H2O plus O1. The same singlet of oxygen (O1) that ozone delivers to the body, is also produced by hydrogen peroxide. O1 is the beneficial free radical singlet oxygen that scavenges all the other free radicals, burns up all the toxicity and destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, pathogens, parasites, microplasms, and microtoxins on contact. You know when you pour hydrogen peroxide in a cut, it bubbles up and it kills the bacteria. Because the microorganisms are negatively charged and O1 is positively charged, it just burns them up and oxidizes them. So that is how your immune system is going to work. Your immune system runs on oxygen. The white blood cells come along and engulf and digest the bacteria. How does it kill it? There is an area of the lymphocyte known as the peroxisome which makes hydrogen peroxide. Every single cell in your body protects itself against bacteria and viruses by making its own hydrogen peroxide. If you have insufficient oxygen, your immune system will not be able to make sufficient hydrogen peroxide which means you will have a chronic deficit of hydrogen peroxide at the cellular level. When you give the body ozone, hydrogen peroxide or stabilized oxygen, or the magnesium peroxide, it signals it to make hydrogen peroxide. When we use oxygen therapies, we just return to you what is missing. Your body heals itself and gets rid of the toxicity.


Ozone is nothing more than oxygen, O2, turned into O3. Ozone is found in nature. Electrical storms produce ozone. Ultraviolet light from the sun converts the layer of oxygen around the earth into ozone. When you bubble ozone (O1) through water (H2O), you turn water into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The premiere water sterilization technique used by municipalities all over the world is bubbling ozone through water. It doesn’t hurt anything else but it kills all the bacteria, viruses, fungi and pathogens. Ozone is harmless to the human cells when correctly used. However, there are different types of ozone. Ozone electrically produced from air is highly toxic. But, ozone from pure oxygen isn’t. The main difference is that air-produced ozone has nitric acid, nitrous oxides and other nitrogen compounds present with it, but the pure oxygen ozone doesn’t. Even negative ion generators produce ozone and form minute amounts of nitric acid. The contaminants are the toxins, not the ozone used at proper levels. There is a water purifier that outputs a medical grade of ozone. You can apply ozone to yourself at home, either injecting it if you are trained to do this, or by using rectal insufflation. It is absorbed into the blood and carried all over the body. It takes months of flooding the body with oxygen. And people work up to that level very slowly, because if you rush it, if you put too much oxygen in, you are going to stir up so much garbage that the organs of elimination will plug up or become irritated. So there are protocols. There are established dosages. You have to spend time doing this therapy. For example, people who have AIDS have to go to a clinic if they want to sero convert to HIV negative. They have six weeks of IV injections with the ozone therapy on a daily basis.


There are stabilized oxygen products, commercially available, about 12 brands of them including Aerox, and Aerobic 07, which are very inexpensive. I have interviewed people all over the world getting rid of every disease you can think of, and sports athletes using oxygen therapies to increase their endurance.


If you were to look at your blood under a microscope, you would see that there are viruses, bacteria, fungi, pathogens, all kinds of garbage pollution in your blood that don’t belong there. That is the reason you are aging prematurely. That is the reason you have a fungus, Candida. That is the reason you are tired and cranky. You need more sleep, and as you get older, you wind down and lose your energy. You figure you should live to be 60, 70 if you’re lucky. But there are people around the world who are living to be 140, 150. We are speaking about the Hunzas, the ancient tribal peoples living in the Indus Valley. You can also live that long and you could give birth when you are over 100. The only difference between them and you is that they have lots of oxygen in their food, water and air. They get their water from ancient glacier melts which are loaded with oxygen, formed back when the oxygen level on this planet was 38 to 50% oxygen. The atmosphere today is around 20% oxygen. Everybody all day long is breathing dirty air. If you live in a city your body is trying to filter two tablespoons full of dirt out of the lungs alone, every single day all day long. The ancient glaciers also have up to 60 trace minerals which are supposed to be in your diet, but which you don’t find anymore because the soils have all been depleted and demineralized in the United States since the 1930s. When you go to the supermarket, you bite into a carrot and it’s bitter because there were no minerals to grow that carrot with. Natural organic carrots grown in mineralized soil are sweet. All the food you eat is contaminated with pesticides and fertilizers and aren’t grown in mineralized soil. The cows in the fields have a time-release hormone-antibiotic compound in their ear, released right into the blood stream hour after hour every day – and you eat the steak. Pesticides are sprayed on the grain given to the cattle and chickens. Do you wash your vegetables in hydrogen peroxide before you eat them so that you won’t be absorbing the pesticides on the skins of the vegetables? The food colouring, the preservatives, the drugs, as all these things come into your body, your body’s white blood cells are used up constantly trying to defend you against this invasion of toxins.

And now they are trying to radiate the food, which is the worst thing you could possibly do to our society. The reason the radiation can make the food sit on the shelf and look pretty for weeks upon weeks, and it doesn’t turn rotten, is because the radiation kills all the enzymes. You won’t be able to digest it because you don’t have any enzymes to digest it and the auto-intoxication from the undigested proteins floating around in your blood stream, is what viruses latch right onto, leading to this rising incidence of AIDS, herpes, hepatitis and everything else. If they start irradiating the food, within a generation we are going to be in big trouble. The water is also toxic. If you live in a city, it is full of chlorine and fluorine, chemicals which are unnatural to the human body. All the organic compounds, the trihalomethanes, all that stuff in the water, all are carcinogens and have to be filtered out by the body. They are unnatural substances. The body has no enzymes to digest them, so what happens is that your liver, kidneys, your lymph system, your organs of elimination, your colon, start to become clogged up.


Then what happens? The invasion into the body of bacterial viruses, fungi, pathogens, microbes, microplasms, microtoxins, all this stuff, all the little bugs and viruses come into the body and live on the garbage. They are able to do that because they are anaerobic: they can’t live in oxygen. There is not enough oxygen in your body and this is the only way that these things can infect you and infest you, create colonies of themselves to the point where you come down with a disease, HIV, Epstein Barr, herpes, hepatitis, the common cold, flu, strep throat, bacterial infections, colitis, all the microbes that come into the body and they are eating you because you look like lunch because you look like garbage. If your body were flooded with oxygen, and these things can’t live in oxygen, what would happen when they try to invade your body? They can’t, because there is so much oxygen they can’t live there. So it is a struggle of survival. It is you against them. If you do nothing they win. If you keep the oxygen level up in your body, the bacteria can’t come in. I have seen patients reabsorbing tumours, and completely healed AIDS patients and cancer patients. Oxygen therapies don’t heal you. They simply give you back what you are missing and your body heals itself. You won’t get the common cold, you won’t get the flu. They are anaerobic and can’t live in oxygen.


When toxicity reaches the cell, the cells do one of two things. They either mutate into cancer, or they stop working. As everybody gets older, they stop digesting their food because of the toxicity which you have been breathing, eating and drinking your entire life to the point where the organs that are supposed to be creating the enzymes for digestion have become so filled with pollution and toxicity that they slow down their function and eventually quit. Dr. Otto Warburg who won two Nobel Prizes said the cause of cancer is when any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements. To continue living, it mutates into 31 steps lower on the evolutionary scale, from a higher order human, high functioning cell to a low order plant type cell that has no higher functions and just grows and grows and grows. In other words, the cell switches from an oxidative respiration mechanism to a fermentative respiration mechanism. The cell stops breathing oxygen because there isn’t any, and it starts fermenting the body sugar, glucose, to keep itself alive, because there is lots of that. That is the cause of cancer. Lets postulate the cure for cancer: perhaps removing the cause. If the cause is low oxygen in the body, if you were to flood the body with oxygen long enough you may cure it. I have many people calling me saying, “Mr. McCabe, I’m so glad I read your book. I went out and got some oxygen therapy and my stomach cancer is gone, my lymphoma is gone, my leukemia is gone”, and on and on.


You are supposed to be getting oxygen in your food, air and water. The oxygen comes from the new growth in the forest, from the plankton in the ocean; it rises up into the air six miles above the earth, turns into ozone, that ozone layer created by nature, falls to earth to clean it up, clean up the air, get into the roots of plants, but it is not there. It has all been used up in the pollution along the way, in the transportation. So it is up to you to put it back. And that is what oxygen therapies are all about. I am convinced after 25 years of investigating all sorts of alternative health and healing methods, the one important thing is oxygen. The lack of it in your body is the root cause of your diseases. If we were to replace that oxygen, mineralize your body and give you enzymes, you would be amazed at how much happier you are, how much more energy you have, how fewer diseases you will get if any at all and how much longer you live. I know people who are flooding their bodies with oxygen and do not get sick. It’s not just for AIDS and cancer, but for the flu, or the common cold as well. I have seen almost every disease you can think of made better by oxygen therapies. Get enough oxygen, then herbs and all the other therapies have their place.

The milder forms of oxygen therapy are available in Toronto through the Wolfe Clinic (now in Nova Scotia -Ed.), and other clinics. You can get direct IV forms of ozone in Mexico, but this is not available at present in Canada. The vast majority of people using oxygen therapies don’t go to a clinic. They may go there to learn about the therapy and ask questions but the majority of people that I interviewed are treating themselves; they are using this on a daily basis and they are not in clinics. I have had hundreds of people call me and tell me they have gotten rid of cancer and every other disease using ozone, hydrogen peroxide, stabilized oxygen or homozone, along with a course of bowel cleansing, colloidal minerals, enzymes, that sort of thing. The people who have success with serious diseases use multiple oxygen therapies, all day long, day after day, month after month.


But, none of this is taught in your medical schools. One of the heads of the FDA Enforcement Surveillance Division for Drug Enforcement said the medical schools teach not what the patient needs, but what the pharmaceutical companies want taught. Why? Because they want to sell more drugs. It’s the largest business on the planet, $55 billion dollars a year. The political situation is so bad in the United States that this company Medazone (Medazone Canada Ltd. is the Canadian company) were trying to get a clinical trial using ozone therapy to decontaminate human blood and also to give ozone directly to AIDS patients. But the FDA is opposed to ozone therapy and are removing ozone machines and trying to revoke the medical license of practitioners using it.

*** For information regarding physicians and clinics in Germany, Mexico, United States and Canada who use ozone and oxygen therapies, please contact:

Phone: 1 (416) 924-9800

Fax: 1 (416) 924-6404


Consumer Health Organization of Canada
355 St. Clair Ave. W., #1901
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5P 1N5

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