The Origin of Social Dysfunction: The Pathology of Cultural Delusion Pt.11

Chapter 11: Alpha or Omega?

A Child’s Dream
As a child, I had a recurring dream. The dream was always basically the same, although the characters and scenes would change. In this dream, the central theme was that children were not allowed to know the truth about things. They were always shielded from the truth about life and the way things really worked. They were told fairy tales and were teased and kidded when they asked questions. They were told that they were too young to understand, but that when they grew up, they would learn the truth.

In these dreams, I would be growing older and I would reach the point where I could know the truth. I would be taken into a room somewhere and adults would be there to tell me all the things I wanted to know, the secrets that had been kept from me, the truth. Someone would begin to speak and I would listen intently, but just as I was about to understand what they were saying, I would wake up. I would always wake up.

Eventually, I did “grow up”, but in the course of doing so, I discovered that there was no one to tell me the truth. No one knew the truth. At best, they only understood bits and pieces of it. Instead of moving to discover the fundamental realities, they kidded one another and told one another fairy tales, becoming angry when anyone pointed out that these were fairy tales. In their movement toward truth and the fundamental realities, they never progressed beyond the limitations of their own beliefs.

The Fundamental Pathogen

There is something fundamentally wrong with human cultures, a chronic insanity that humanity passes from one generation to the next, in endless pathogenic cycles. That disease has a simple origin, a fundamental delusion about the nature of existence. The disease now threatens the future of the species. The disease is progressive, growing as institutionalized systems grow, erecting barriers to solving our problems and codifying additional delusion in support of and expansion of current defective premises and practices. This problem increasingly threatens all life on Earth as human populations increase.

This basic pathology has reached lethal levels and progressively destroys the individual’s ability to function, maintaining populations at levels of rationality too low to recognize or move in corrective directions. This disease progressively reduces Earth’s capacity to support life. As populations grow beyond resource capacities of their environments, the rich and diverse ecological systems are stripped, consumed, polluted and laid waste.

Conceptual disease corrupts and dements, to some degree, every human being. The multitudes, the poor and less educated, are the most vulnerable and become the largest pools of victims and dysfunctionals, parasites unable to understand their human condition and the nature of their problems.

This is a disease that has been carried by the species throughout its history, but we are approaching a critical point in human development where the cumulative ignorance and misdirection is threatening the carrying capacity of the planet. This is a lethal problem that will be corrected or we will perish as intelligent life. For all the many forms the disease takes, the fundamental pathogen and root cause is untruth in the form of culturally bourn and instituted delusion.

Humanity is at a cusp where the species will be required to make real corrections in areas where it has failed to do so throughout the whole course of its history. It must do so or degenerate. Worse, this correction process will have to take place within a shrinking time frame, as our numbers increase and we accelerate the destruction of Earth’s capacity to support intelligent life.

The multitude possesses but a primitive awareness of the great and largely malevolent forces that shape their lives under the guise of respected institutions and necessary governing. Few of our kind have harnessed activity to any but the rudest intermittent reasoning, moved largely by emotional bias and the pressures of our societies. The great multitudes are driven by programming that serves to maintain institutional control and power. Well mixed within the functional attributes of our institutions are the pathologies that generate social dysfunction and parasitical behavior. Populations are moved by primitive urges and vague notions tied to culturally bourn delusion and mandates, unable to recognize the realities through the fog of propaganda.

They struggle to suppress the growing awareness of their own delusion and misdirection. To do otherwise would entail relinquishing cherished fantasies and beliefs, their ignorance and their imagined innocence.

Although human populations are increasingly exposed to the real picture of existence, where happenings and developments reflect real cause and effect, and where gods and spirits become meaningless, they continue in a state of denial. Such has been the case throughout history, little changed even in the face of quantum leaps in acquired knowledge. We continue in our various cultural delusions, in spite of the rise of science and technology, the routine progress made in detecting nature’s secrets, disclosing the factual nature of life and the most fundamental principles of the Cosmos. Our primitive beliefs endure.

The basic premises, relevant to the nature of existence, are so vital to the cognizance of intelligent life that, to some degree, our delusions color and distort virtually all human thought. Some unknown but high percentage of the recorded thought of humanity, the contents of our greatest libraries, world wide, are now seen as invalid in light of our new knowledge. Yet, the realities that would allow us to correct, the fundamentals of which have been presented in this book, will find greater resistance than anything ever presented to mankind. These ideas will disturb more vested interest than anything in history. They will undercut fundamental premises in all cultures. The foundations of our religions and the basic premises upon which nations operate will be shown to be the gravest threats to the species as an intelligent life form. The open display of factual existence will drastically modify conceptual foundations in virtually every area of human activity.

In view of the vital necessity of rapid corrections on a species-wide scale, and the pathogen’s ability to hold humanity in helpless ignorance, the propagation of belief now emerges as humanity’s greatest cultural pathogen, threatening the very existence of genus Homo.

At present, few can accept the factual nature of the unveiled Cosmos. But, none can refute it. Reality can be hidden or denied, but cannot be made it go away. With time, the numbers who come to recognize the real nature of existence will increase. The imponderable is whether or not popular enlightenment will come soon enough.

In attempting to deny reality, to circumvent the necessities of nature, can be found the basis for each and every human folly. In accepting nature and natural systems, and working within them, lies our maximum potential as individuals and as a species.

As we increasingly accept the realities, the fundamental pathogen of delusion dissolves. All we need is to muster a little courage. Making the transition from operating on primitive ideas and premises to recognizing, accepting and using the energies and controls of factual existence will be absolutely essential to sustainable human existence. Getting there is the greatest problem the species has ever faced, and constitutes Humanity’s Ultimate Challenge. Unless this challenge is met, the species will quickly degenerate, together with the environments it destroys.

However, every individual who makes the transition from belief to factual knowledge of the real Cosmos will be re-energized, becoming an asset for positive change, rather than part of the problem. With the nature of the problem clearly in focus, humanity should win.

To Destroy the Disease

Every culture carries and propagates large amounts of delusion, which festers and spreads as a closed sore. Healing cannot begin until we let in the light and the fresh air of truth. Although there is no culture free of conceptual pathogens, there is no culture that can force you to believe them. All one has to do is look for the realities and very soon the belief is replaced with knowledge.

This is all it takes. If you can recognize a belief for the fallacy that it is, and if you can see that this belief is causing trouble, you are not only going to lose the belief, but you will not support it within the society.

The gathering storms of strife, that threaten humanity today, are all generated by false concepts propagated and enforced by cultural institutions. There is no group or society whose problems do not result from institutionalized delusion.

No effective human system can be formulated in ignorance of natural laws and principles, not in government by law, not in economics, education, science, medicine or mental health.

No human system can deviate from nature’s laws and remain effective. Our degree of functionality depends upon our ability to fashion systems that use and become extensions of natural systems and drives.

We cannot avoid our present conditions, what we are in terms of our physiology and our cultures. We can change, however, and will change, either actively or by default. The question becomes, will we change enough, and in the direction of making real corrections, and…can we make these corrections in time?

We are intelligent life. As a species, we are defined by our intellect. We will use that intellect or lose it. We can and we must engineer our future. Individuals have choices, the quality of which will determine the fate of the species. Each individual will have an effect and, like it or not, we are all in this thing together. Whether we want to be one world or not, humanity will live together or die together.

Only individuals can initiate this change. Only individuals can effectively relinquish their own beliefs. If we want survival for ourselves and our progeny, we will get real and we will work together. We can do something about the false ideas that have plagued our respective cultures, and we should make the exposition and destruction of those ideas a personal imperative. There is no greater problem. There is no greater challenge. There is no greater quest.

Our systems do not need the virulent falsehoods and delusions. When people discover the fallacy of religion, they soon discover that they don’t need it. A multitude of very good people are drawn to religion. A recognition of what the real Cosmos offers would not only set them free, but galvanize the species in the direction of truth and survival.

Nature’s realities are infinitely superior to delusion. Think, for a moment, of what an effective pool of humanity religion would provide, were it turned to truth and the exquisite, all-embracing unity of the endlessly moving Cosmos. Think of the untold wonders that can be ours if we will but embrace nature, rather than deny it.

As it stands, every religion is based on falsehood, and are the carriers of delusion and corruption, the teachers of insanity. As groups, they are locked in by the dogma, but as individuals, all they have to do is turn around and examine the realities.

Pressures for Change

As problems increase, so do the pressures to truly address their root causes. Out of this need, we already see increasing numbers of individuals rejecting the blather and the ineffectiveness of institutions, speaking out and taking direct action. Every indication is that this trend will accelerate, eventually moving the institutions in the direction of positive change.

There is every indication that increasing numbers of individuals are taking off the rose-tinted glasses and having a closer look at the realities. We all have that spark of rationality within us, no matter how deeply it is buried. Although the mindless masses continue to seek escape in fantasy, delusions and diversions, many are beginning to take a second look at the insanities. Each one will help pave the way for others.

Danger Areas

Although we are seeing an increasing number of rational indices within our various cultures, there is a plenitude of pitfalls on the path to cultural system correction. Many of these pitfalls represent problem areas which are unpleasant and, therefore, avoided by the greater numbers.

Safety and progress depends upon a lot of ‘ifs’: If an increased shift from pockets of rationality to popular rationality can be achieved. If the non-functional members of societies are prevented from destroying technology and sapping our resources. If the destructive aspects of government can be sufficiently blunted and eventually excised. If religion can be given mass exposure for what it really is and its influence as a barrier to learning can be severely reduced. If productive international economic and informational networks can continue to grow, reducing the pressures for international conflict and ‘If’ the rational members of the species can be woven into unofficial networks so that concerted efforts to address real problems and change the direction of our institutions can be made.

Perhaps the greatest ‘If’ of all is If populations can be reduced without destroying the knowledge, technology and infrastructure of societies and the carrying capacity of the planet.

The greatest threat to humankind, in terms of war, is generated by differences in ideologies and the ability to maintain comfortable levels of living for populations. These differences can only be reduced by attacking the fundamental falsehoods and by the continued intermingling of productive affairs across national boundaries, the recognition that we are bound together as a species and that a problem for one people is a problem for all peoples.

In Theocracies, nations governed by a religion, virtually every individual is a true believer, or must pretend to be so. It is illegal to be otherwise, as well as being exceedingly dangerous. Belief is not only a cultural imperative, but the law. Out of such environments, it is difficult for rational leadership to emerge. Not only is rationality all but nonexistent, it is not tolerated.

These areas will continue to be sources of trouble so long as they remain isolated. Only intercourse with divergent cultures and concepts can weaken the iron grip of delusions inherent in theocracies. Such governments always press for cultural isolation for obvious reasons.

As global changes escalate, as well as attendant problems, the voices of the great fantasy factories will become louder and their pronouncements and activities increasingly shrill and ridiculous. Much of their nonsense should collapse under the weight of its own absurdity. The problem of covering lies with additional lies becomes obvious and ludicrous. In the days ahead, there will be plenty of opportunity to see the unmasked faces of our cultural parasites.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that we are not helpless. However, we do need to guard our channels of communication, being able to see, discuss and disseminate the realities largely hidden within the delusional fog. We must carefully guard our abilities to communicate and increasingly exercise individual autonomy.

The Specter of Overpopulation

The problem of overpopulation is much worse than we have been led to believe, and represents the greatest physical problem area. Of one thing we can be certain. The problem of overpopulation is going to be addressed one way or another, either by reason or by human default. Judging by the effects human populations have had on ocean life during the past fifty years, and the rate at which that life is diminishing, Earth’s human population (more accurately, infestation) is probably at least five times the number this planet can support without progressive degeneration of ecological systems and Earth’s capacity to support life.

The problem of overpopulation could best (most humanely) be corrected through a process of natural attrition, that of introducing birth preventing systems while allowing timely death.

Today, we routinely use medical means to extend life beyond the individual’s desire or effectiveness. It would be highly rational to decriminalize suicide, allowing the individual to choose his or her own time and means of death and prevent wasted resources and the mindless misery of slow death as the body atrophies and systems slowly cease their functions.

The problem of overpopulation is not just one of numbers, but of the quality of human life. The categories of people who are the least suited for parenting, and who are the least effective, providing populations with the lowest mentality, the highest levels of superstition, ignorance, dependency and criminality, are the ones with the highest birth rates. They are the poorest and the most deluded and constitute a net loss to any society and to the species. They also constitute the greatest pool of human suffering. Truly beginning to educate would turn these least fortunate into part of the solution instead of the manifest problem.

Because of our delusions, beliefs and ideals, we fail to recognize human populations for what they are in their present forms, recognizing them as parasites destroying their host.

The human animal is the most destructive of all life forms, but only because of its programming. Our redeeming virtue is the window of possibility offered by the intellect, the potential to enhance the Earth environment instead of destroying it. Our intelligence, if we choose to use it, is our only hope of preventing the gathering storm of ecological and social destruction. We will not make the necessary use of our intelligence while operating on our present premise structures. We have dysgenesis only because our delusions and our ideals spawn systems that insure that degeneration.

Without Excuse

The degree to which our natural autonomy can be rationally exercised will be critical in determining the effectiveness of the individual, and ultimately human societies and the species. The functionality of the group represents the cumulative functionality of its individual members.

It is only through the portal of objective rationality that we can hope to implement meaningful changes in our social structures. Without the insights imparted by an orientation to reality, we will have neither the drive nor the understanding to make true corrections.

Humanity has moved beyond innocence. As a species, we now have the knowledge to make corrections. Whether or not we do so depends upon the decisions and activities of individuals. The drive must emanate from individuals. Whether we succeed or fail, we no longer have excuses, nor does nature grant excuses.

One of the greatest problems we have now is that we are doing so well. Our science, technologies and world economic systems have lifted the brutal labor for subsistence from most shoulders and, compared to preindustrialized epochs, provide a rich variety of amenities, goodies and diversions for most of humanity. There is little motivation to ask the hard questions and address our growing uglies. There is, especially, an absence of motivation to examine our own premises and the premises upon which our cultural institutions operate. The more dysfunctional among human societies are incapable of examining their own premise structures, lacking the intellectual tools to do so.

Again, human mental effectiveness depends upon, and has as its foundation, an orientation to factual reality. A measure of just how important such a perspective is can be seen when comparing progress in science and our technologies (were workers are required to adhere to factual reality) to social systems and our various delusional systems of governing.

We are approaching comprehensive effectiveness in science and technology while effectively remaining little more than savages in our social areas, abysmally ignorant and superstitious. The pathology of our delusions will be experienced in terms of their true consequences. This cannot be evaded. No political or religious rhetoric, no proclamation, no belief, no system or institution, can make it be otherwise. Only by allowing objective rationality to develop and spread among the peoples of Earth can we avert the impending degeneration.

As for you, a person self-assured and open enough to examine the contents of this book, congratulations. If you have been tough enough to reach these final pages, you have exposed yourself to a substantial amount of imperfect, but reality-based material, counter to the propaganda and core delusions provided by your culture.

This would indicate that you have a serious drive toward one of two things: finding and accepting the realities or looking for some way to discredit this work. If the former is the case, you have moved far beyond your species’ authority-dependent multitudes. You are special and you are needed in this critical period of human transition. It is upon those moved by reason that Earth’s remaining life forms depend. It is upon those moved by reason that hope for our species depends, whether this is to be the emergence of a truly intelligent life form or the last hurrah of a deluded and mindless parasite. This ultimate determination will be made by individual members of the species Homo Sapiens, an emerging intelligent life form still struggling within the bonds of its primitive beginnings and resultant institutions, on a small blue planet called Earth.

The End? It’s up to you, and you, and… Appendix A New Physics

In the field of physics, there now exists a fully developed, unified system for addressing the entire spectrum of physics phenomena, using the mathematical treatment of a single fundamental physical referent. This system shows, for the first time, the most basic mechanisms of the Cosmos, the functions within the architecture of the primary particles and the fundamental nature of matter. In short, we now understand the fundamental nature of Existence, what it is and how it works, a rational Cosmos that is understandable. The developer and author of the work in physics is a retired engineer from General Electric Company, his name is R. Stewart Hall. Publication of his work is expected before the end of this year and will be announced on our web page in the near future:

Humanity’s Ultimate Challenge

As a means of conveying an immediate sense of the nature of factual existence, as displayed by R. Stewart Hall’s Analytic MetaPhysics, an alternative approach to physics, I set to verse some of its main points and implications in a rhyme called “IS”:


As massless movement, it all begins;

As Seeking Rings the Essence spins;

Massless movement at the speed of C,

The primary IS of all that can be.

Rings of IS that can’t be worn,

But latch together as structured form.

Latching intervals where form can change

From rings of motion to structured things,

Endless cycling sets of beat

Provide the rhythm where rings can meet.

One hundred thirty seven, a set,

Latching intervals where form is met.

Each single beat, the smallest entity,

Is nature’s clock for all eternity.

From a simple beginning of primary stuff,

To an endless Cosmos, this is enough.

As stable patterns latch and form

The building blocks of atoms born,

The forces, all, plus charge and mass,

Born of motion, come to pass.

The particle families number three,

The photon, nucleon and electron, wee.

But a photon can change to a gamma, as four,

For those who declare one category more.

Since particles latch in limited ways,

So do atoms, come what may.

As endless movement, no beginning or end,

IS endures, but structures rend.

Forms and structure, tho limited of range,

Will ever endure, as endless change.

IS, at any level, seeks,

As pieces fit and development peaks,

But environments always ebb and flow,

And form, without support, will go.

And thus, we see the endless change,

As some things go and some remain.

It’s building up and tearing down,

Eternity rolls and worlds abound.

And then, we see ourselves, in turn,

And muse upon what we should learn.

By instituted ignorance, our people toil,

Controlled by belief, their reasoning to spoil.

Unable to see the cultural delusion,

They struggle on in mass confusion.

With each new law of misdirection,

Autonomy is lost, with no correction.

It’s only symptoms the laws address,

Control and power is Authority’s quest.

Responsibility lost through legislation,

. Becomes dependancy throughout the nation.

As hopes and meaning slip away,

Anger and apathy come out to play.

We desperately cling to parasitical Authority,

Thwarting the rise of a rational majority.

But no one on Earth can make you believe,

We are naturally autonomous, our choice is free.

Would we endure through form and time,

We must accept our own true kind,

And take our lead from IS at play

As we chart our course and shape our way.

There’s much to change and time is short

There’s work for all, of great import,

So make the most of what you are,

Tho life is short, your reach is far.

Everett E. Allie


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