The Origin of Social Dysfunction: The Pathology of Cultural Delusion pt.2

Chapter 2: Principles and Premises

Ignoring Nature’s Principles Produces:
Religion – The Obscenity of the Flesh and Sexual Proscriptions,
The Degrading of Sexuality and the Rise of Prostitution and Pornography,
The Prohibition of Alcohol,
The Rise of Organized Crime,
The Prohibition of Marijuana,
The Rise of Crack Cocaine and the War that Can’t be Won,
The Criminalization of Pedophilia and Child Pornography,
The Killing and Disposal of Children, to Prevent Detection.

The Necessity of Principles

Existence is real stuff. It not only occupies space, but is inextricable from space. It has real characteristics that can be measured, understood and manipulated. This is why there are no contradictions in nature. Every entity, at any scale or level of development, works as part of an endless whole. The fundamental “essence” and mechanism of existence, massless motion at the speed of C, provides the basis for the all that exists, structure as well as activity.

Being real stuff, with real characteristics, the parts and pieces fit together and function together in certain, limited ways. This sets limits to existence, determining what can exist and what cannot. There is no magic. Any activity, existence or event exhibits physicality, either directly or indirectly. Although there are endless things we do not know, we can make these statements because we now understand the fundamental functions of existence, the fundamental activities that account for all the various categories of form and function.

Human institutions, including the controlling institutions of religions and governments, recognize neither the factual nature of existence nor that of the human animal. Lacking this necessary orientation and adherence to factual reality, human institutions remain without a valid basis for proscribing human conduct. Witness the ineffectiveness, misdirections and problem-generation by present institutions and systems. I repeat, at this time in the development of the human species, its institutions remain without a valid basis for morality or the determination, guidance and control human of activities.

Natural limitations are ignored by Authoritarian institutions, as well as the pathological results of their misdirection.

Delusion is tantamount to dysfunction, in that there is a commensurate distortion of perception and reasoning required to maintain a delusion. When delusion becomes institutionalized and codified within a society, it enforces and perpetuates delusion and misdirection, becoming a chronic social pathology, spawning degenerative syndromes.

Throughout history, there has been no adequate conceptual basis upon which to model human activities and institutions. Human cultures have maintained fundamental delusions that have effectively blocked social progress and allowed primitive belief structures to be maintained as operational premises within societies, even after the emergence of scientific knowledge to the contrary.

Institutionalized primitive beliefs have functioned to retard progress over the millenniums, while the species possessed the innate capacity to progress many orders of magnitude faster.

Within any society, there will be individuals who will not be bound by cultural norms and imperatives. The more rational of these will recognize discrepancies between manifest existence and cultural doctrines, and will be moved to reject the fallacies, propaganda and cultural stupidities. This mind set allows such individuals to outstrip the rest of humanity, dashing ahead in terms of gaining knowledge and facility. Their insights and discoveries outlive them, as individuals, and impact upon both society and the species, accounting for most of the real knowledge and progress, and the amenities we enjoy today.

This disparity in function has brought humanity to a dangerous precipice where the technological ability to destroy this planet is, essentially, in the hands of savages, the majority of which do not recognize the real nature of problems. To recognize and understand humanity’s predicament, one must gain some understanding of what existence is, and examine cultural premises and systems in the light of this real knowledge. Only then can one recognize the institutionalized delusions for what in fact they are.

There are immutable principles of factual existence that cannot be evaded. No one, no thing, has the power to make fundamental nature be other than it is. As intelligent life, we are defined by our intellect. We have the ability to learn how nature works, and use that knowledge to shape environments, activity that will be increasingly required for any long range survival of man as an intelligent life form. The real progress we have made reflects how much, and in which areas, we have been able to learn. Our areas of dysfunction reflect the dementing effects of delusion, and inevitable misdirection it spawns.

Throughout history, all cultures have remained in a state of denial with respect to the factual nature of existence, and that of our own species. In order to maintain the primitive beliefs, devastating levels of ignorance are the necessary and the inevitable result. One’s conceptualizations as to the nature of existence will impact upon every thought and every activity. Only those who have had the insight and courage to ignore cultural pressures and imperatives, following wherever the evidence led them, have been able to gain enough real knowledge to make significant progress.

Populations become indoctrinated with the delusions, becoming correspondingly demented in the process, and are paralyzed to progress further,. As population densities and problems increase, the pathologies become increasingly palpable. The number of dysfunctional individuals that must be carried by a culture increases.

Government growth is stimulated, as government, at all levels, grows not only because of a drive for power and the caretaker mentality of authoritarianism, but because of the need to address the increasing problems generated by its own misdirection.

This degenerative process is a lethal syndrome, where defective systems compound problems, stimulating more of the activities that generated the problems in the first place. Within such systems, only symptoms can be treated, the fundamental causes remaining in place, unrecognized or in conflict with instilled belief. The fundamental delusions upon which the institutions are based can never be admitted. This results in the increase of dysfunctional individuals to levels that, eventually, human systems can no longer contain or carry. There is progressive degeneration of social amenities, as these problem individuals increasingly cause social dysfunction and drain the resources of a society.

This degenerative process is not amendable by political or religious determinations, nor by the manipulation of perception. It will require a reversal of process, a reorientation of populations to the real nature of existence and to the real nature of their own problems. It will also require the personal autonomy to make corrections where the institutions can not or will not. This book is the first move in that direction, a cry of alarm, as well as a statement of hope.

Human institutions will not, can not, make fundamental corrections. They are the reasons humanity has been locked into insanity and savagery throughout the course of its history. Only with human populations largely reversing fundamental premises, will human institutions be forced to make real corrections. This is a process that can only be accomplished by individuals taking direct action, and stepping beyond the norms and limiting mandates of their institutions and the will of indoctrinated groups.

It can’t be done by our controlling institutions, not by religion and not by government. Nor can it be accomplished through current educational institutions. These, historically, have been consistent participants in the maintenance of cultural delusion and will be reactive to necessary corrections.

Cultural Systems vs Natural Systems

Below the development of a brain and emergence of perception, all development is purely mechanistic. Entities move independently to merge into systems that will permit their continuance, effectiveness being nature’s determinant, the ineffective dissolving to become part of something else. Until the development of a highly evolved brain, cognizance and reasoning can have no bearing on development. The advent of the ability to manipulate one’s environment conceptually, using mental and overt symbols, introduces reasoned behavior and planning.

Since many foundation concepts were gained early in the development of the human animal, having been instituted into human cultures and having never been corrected, they remain far adrift from factual reality. The poor showing of human governing and social systems attest to their divergence from natural systems.

In terms of social control, there is no question that some formal government is necessary, but we cannot look to these systems as a source of leadership or solutions to problems. That is not the nature of authoritarian government. The controlling institutions are all based on concepts diametrically opposite to the nature of factual existence.

Governing systems, at this stage in human development, are invariably authoritarian, controlling along the lines of political agendas and religious dogma, the main controls being that of perception manipulation and force where resistance is encountered. This mode of social control is functionally limited to that of suppressing individual drives, with attendant uninvited consequences.

In terms of instituted government, an obvious and necessary first principle is that it can never be a valid role of government to reduce the effectiveness of populations nor otherwise involve itself in activity that destroys the functionality of individuals, societies or the species. The only valid role a government can possibly have, in the life of a species, is to serve its members in ways that are effective and enhance function toward survival and species effectiveness. This can never be achieved by popular opinion, political agendas or religious dogma.

Ultimately, the only valid role of government is as a tool of the individual, the only source of objective rationality, and the recognition of nature’s principles. The survival of humanity as an intelligent life form depends upon a preponderance of popular orientation to factual reality. Government adrift from these objectives and natural principles will become self-serving and destructive to the species through the decompensation of the individual.

Obviously, instituting a regulation or a law does not necessarily make it valid. In nature, validity is determined by effectiveness. This principle cannot be evaded. Within a rational society, validity can be determined only by the effect of the statute. Government by law cannot make fundamental corrections. Government supplemental to natural principles is required.

A law can be enacted upon any subject or against absolutely anything. This, in itself, in no way makes that law effective, enforceable or valid. The principle of “government by law” is fundamentally flawed, adrift from ultimate reality and nature’s mandate for effectiveness. Only to the degree and duration that a law serves the people, the society and the species, in a positive way, is it valid. The enactment of a law, for any reason, whether by popular demand or not, does not bestow validity.

An effective democracy requires an objectively rational electorate majority, oriented to reality. If a highly deluded majority can impose delusion and dysfunctional systems upon a people, eventual failure is insured. This is the present plight of democracies around the world. This is the fundamental defect and fallacy of political determinations. Politics is rooted in arbitrary power and the manipulation of public perception. It has nothing to do with natural principles nor the effective addressing of problems.

An effective government would probably be a democracy, but it would be tied to natural principles, the real nature of existence, and the nature of the human animal. Further, it would require a predominantly rational electorate. It would be based on reality-reflecting principles and guided by the requirement for continuing positive effectiveness. The bestowal of power would not depend upon the charisma of politicians. Only a predominately rational electorate would support a government wedded to reality.


Laws, the increase of government control, are characteristically instituted at the highest rate those pressing for them can achieve. However, within extant human systems, there are never effective means to rescind bad law. Laws are compounded and instituted at rates too fast to address. The larger problem, however, is that governing systems function to kill any effective correction. Since the governing systems are invariably authoritarian, they immediately move to thwart any activity that would counter their mandates. Government “by the people” becomes effectively a farce.

One of the primary delusions maintained within all democracies is that it is government by the people. Technically this is correct. However, functionally, the population is controlled by the manipulation of perception along the lines of institutional and political agendas. Through the mass media you receive the suggestions, the implications, innuendos, premises, pressures and coercion of the controlling institutions. To the degree that you internalize this cognitive structure, you will serve the agendas of those institutions. Populations are largely controlled by propaganda.

These are principles, ideas and information that you are not meant to understand, nor will they be disseminated by the educational systems of a culture. Cultural premises and practices, officially or functionally instituted, have been sufficient to maintain the delusions and suppress any corrective movement within cultures throughout the entire course of human history.

Existing systems have not provided environments conducive to the development of critically reasoning populations. Such would be counter to authoritarian control.

You are born into social systems that are fundamentally corrupt, being based upon delusional premises, and which carefully teach you to perpetuate existing ideas and institutions. The cumulative and mutually supportive effects of the institutions are the reason your government grows more oppressive while becoming less effective.

It is the reason public education grows ever more expensive, yet provides environments mutually exclusive with learning.

It is the reason that a “Justice” system can only offer a police state and impossibly more prisons and laws in the face of the growing criminality, most of its own making.

It is the reason you are increasingly blocked by law from protecting your self, your family and your property; from being allowed to acquire the medicines and treatment you need without paying for permission; from being able to do your own repairs to your home or offer your services without a license or a permit, in effect, paying a bribe to government.

It is why the ways in which you can use your property become ever more narrowly proscribed and individual determination is largely a memory.

None of these problems can be addressed until the individual recognizes the the nature of the problems and begins to take direct action. Until human populations understand the fundamental nature of their world and their controlling systems they cannot escape their defacto servitude as chattel of the state.

A Few Principles

Here, “off the top of my head”, are a few of the closely related and more important principles of nature that can be used for the benefit of, and often, against the individual. Watch for the ones that are used against us, as a means of control and manipulation by the insitutions.

  • 1. The Law of Physical Primacy: Simply stated, the law of physical (or structural) primacy makes the self-evident statement that the development of physical structure precedes all other development. Below the level of structure, existence cannot be detected, nor is there anything we can address with our mathematics. Structure is generated as stable patterns of cycling massless motion at the speed of C. How the most fundamental particles articulate to allow further development determines the parameters of possibility. Below the level of the primary structure, there is nothing to maintain organization, existence has no means of manifesting itself.

2. All energy and ultimate control has its source as an aspect of matter, itself, as opposed to being the issue of a supernatural entity, from somewhere beyond nature. We know this because we now understand the internal functions of fundamental existence, how the particles, are formed, articulate and how subsequent entities develop. There is no conceptual control on development until the emergence of intelligent life, the development of a highly evolved brain.

3 The belief that control is imposed upon existence from somewhere beyond nature is the fundamental fallacy of human conception. It is 180 degrees out of sync with its reciprocal reality, that ultimate control and energy is determined at the most fundamental levels of existence, in terms of matter, itself.

You are taught that control is imposed upon existence by the supernatural. When you accept this idea, anything becomes possible, you are vulnerable to anything the governing institutions want you to believe, because you have accepted the idea of a non-rational universe. You have been induced to believe in magic.

4. Existence is a continuum. Massless motion at the speed of C is the natural “essence” of fundamental existence. It is the stuff structure is made of and always exhibits its natural condition of being, a continuum of activity with no beginning and no end point. Development and degeneration are continuing processes. You are taught to believe, to accept the absurd as the reasonable. Belief in a supernatural and in Creation orients you to unquestioned control by authority. When you believe in the imposed control of nature, you will be more easily guided and controlled by authority and the authoritarian systems that continue to plague this species.

5. Movement is the fundamental essence of existence. Existence is a continuum, endless continuing development and degeneration, but you are taught to believe in an absurd one-ended eternity, a created beginning but no end.

6. There is never objective evidence for that which does not exist.

7. Support for beliefs must be fabricated.

  • 8. The Law of Reciprocal Cognitive Exclusion (RCE): In order to maintain a concept, its reciprocal must be denied or rejected. The subconscious component of mind can accumulate contradictions because it has no discriminative reasoning capabilities; not so, the conscious mind. This law describes the basis and drive for all psychological defense mechanisms. The individual psyche cannot well tolerate a perceived conflict, but, in order to maintain a sense of security, as well as vested interests, it is highly biased toward maintaining its existing cognizance. This often places the individual in a position of being required to defend untruth while rejecting the reciprocal reality.

The individual has an inborn drive to resolve conceptual conflict by rejecting any material that is seen as a threat to existing cognizance. If you are programed with delusional material you will be highly motivated to deny or reject the reciprocal reality, as well as any other material that is perceived as a threat to existing cognizance. The law of Reciprocal Cognitive Exclusion, RCE, becomes the predominate barrier to learning within delusion-based populations.

9. All human functional pathology (not physiological in origin) has its origin in false premises and ignorance. Beliefs are always attended by reciprocal ignorance and misdirected behavior. Beliefs are accepted on faith alone, whereas factual knowledge is supported by objective evidence. In order for the individual to make fundamental corrections, one must differentiate between the two. Where the cognizance is supported by evidence or objective indication, it constitutes knowledge, not belief, and further guides the individual in the direction of reality. Where cognizance is delusional, it seeks support that must be fabricated, constituting further delusion.

10. Beliefs must be continually refreshed or reinforced, and continually manipulated in order to reduce internal stresses due to conflicting concepts and implications, whereas factual knowledge, once recognized, does not conflict with other aspects of existence and requires no further reinforcement, other than use. It is reinforced or refreshed by nature, through continued usage and the fact that it “fits”.

11. Cultural institutions are heavily vested in the maintenance of myths, fantasies, distorted perception, distorted reasoning, confusion, etc. These function to decompensate the individual, destroying self confidence and increasing dependency upon authority. It functions to suppresses meaningful protest.

Cultural institutions maintain the cultural myths, superstitions, misinformation and misdirection through continuous propaganda and the systems of education, including media systems. The media, serving the institutions, use a variety of techniques of suggestion that largely motivate through stimulating the emotions, as opposed to appealing to the intellect.

12. In the absence of continuous propaganda from the institutions and media, and the continued compilation of real knowledge, spurred on by technology, beliefs should gradually fade to be replaced by concepts supported by evidence.

13. The controlling institutions cannot self-correct. Their functioning premises and objectives are not so directed. They are oriented toward maintaining authoritarian control and the growth and maintenance of their own systems, as opposed to that of optimizing individual and social function.

14. Only individuals and systems that cleave to objective evidence routinely self-correct and make positive advances.

15. Internalized conceptual material is the primary determinant of human behavior. Individual activity reflects the individual’s perception.

16. Cultural institutions take on a life of their own, shaping their minions to nurture and perpetuate the institution. The institution’s life continues, regardless of the passing of any individual within its systems. Fundamentally corrupt institutions remain fundamentally corrupt. Social misconceptions are perpetuated.

17. Instituted untruths invariably generate dysfunction within a population and its social systems. Social pathology is carried and perpetuated through untruths generated, perpetuated and foisted upon populations by cultural institutions.

18. All social pathology issues from belief/ignorance syndromes. The belief results in ignorance, the individual rejecting any reciprocal reality in order to maintain the belief.

19. False premises lead to frustration and anger.

20. False premises lead to uninvited results.

21. False premises lead to social discord.

23. False premises lead to war.

24. False premises is the basis of mental illness. All functional mental illness issues from belief.

25. False premises and ignorance lead to crime.

26. False premises lead to ethnocentrism and racism.

27. Humanity readily tolerates knowledge which leads to new inventions, increased production and more amenities of living. However, humanity avoids information that constitutes a threat to beliefs (RCE), remaining ignorant of factual reality in those areas, clinging to the premise structures implanted by the culture. Belief becomes the predominate barrier to learning.

While a tiny minority provides the inventions and scientific knowledge which makes modern civilization possible, the masses remain largely mired in ignorance and superstition. Defending the popular fantasies, they remain unable to accept a large part of humanity’s store of, and emerging, factual knowledge.

28. There is never justification for accepting an idea in the absence of supporting objective evidence.

29. Parents routinely implant learning disabilities in their children by instilling beliefs and teaching falsehoods during the child’s early years.

30. If an idea is popular, there is a high probability that it is related to institutional agendas within the society and should be carefully examined.

31. Populations and subgroups are dysfunctional relative to the level of belief within the population or group.

Generally speaking, the individual is functional and ethical (naturally ethical) relative to the level of his or her factual knowledge and personal autonomy, the ability to use that knowledge. Integrity, or the lack of it, is a reflection of the quantity and quality of knowledge, and one’s degree of orientation to factual reality.

32. Last, but not least, in a multiplicity of ways, nature tells us that we can’t have our cake and eat it, too. We cannot maintain our delusions and be an effective individual, group, state or species.

All natural principles are supplemental to one-another, in concept and in function. They are numberless, one’s cognizance of them limited only by one’s knowledge of reality. Truth functions to make a positive impact on human social systems and is always in harmony with all other principles and functions throughout the activities of existence. Where there is found a discrepancy, there is a correction or corrections to be made. Since we view existence through a tiny window of fleeting consciousness, required corrections are inevitable and continue endlessly.

The tapestry of existence is an exquisite symphony of function, the real nature and a general description of which will be found in the next chapter.


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