Food Dangers: MILK – The Greatest Single Cause of Disease

Originally Written by: Ellis, William, D.O.


Thousands and thousands of blood tests I’ve conducted show that people who drink three or four glasses of milk a day invariably had the lowest levels of blood calcium. The calcium in cow’s milk does not metabolize properly, as the calcium in human milk does. Furthermore pasteurization makes the calcium insoluble. Calves drinking their own mothers’ milk after it’s been pasteurized all die within 90 days from a heart attack. If you’re concerned about getting enough calcium, simply eat plenty of green vegetables and sesame butter, which are all rich in calcium. Cow’s milk is made for a calf that weighed 90 pounds at birth to weigh 100 pounds at the end of its weaning period. It is loaded with 300 times more calcium than human milk. Human milk is exceedingly high in phosphorus, which develops the brain and the nerve centres, and is suitable to the human body. Mother’s milk contains natural substances that give a child protection against infection for the rest of his life. Mother’s milk, particularly the milk given during the first 10 hours after birth, the colostrum, stimulates the child’s digestive system into action. Mother’s milk also contains good amounts of taurine (a protein), and phosphorus, two nutrients which are important for brain development. The principal protein in cow’s milk is casein, which is what a cow needs, NOT what humans primarily need. The primary protein in human milk is lactoalbumin, which is easy for humans to digest. Normally it’s completely digested and utilized with no unnecessary strain on the organs. All in all, I’ve observed that children who are breast-fed are happier, calmer, and better coordinated. So if you are going to have a child, do everything you can to breast-feed him. If that’s impossible, then try to obtain fresh raw goat milk.

Milk is a contributing factor in constipation, chronic fatigue, arthritis, atherosclerosis, eczema, headaches, muscle cramps, obesity, allergies and heart problems.

Many people suffer from undiagnosed lactose intolerance. 77% of the world’s population are intolerant to lactose, the complex sugar in milk. 50% of whites, 75% of blacks and 100% of Orientals do not have a lactase enzyme in their system to handle the lactose in milk. The lactase enzyme is required to convert lactose into a simple sugar. Lactase is produced by the lining of the small intestine and in the majority of humans, this lactase production stops when weaning takes place in infancy. Only in Europe and America does this lactase production continue after weaning. When lactase production does stop, drinking of milk causes flatulence, bloating and diarrhea. That’s the reason why milk products are the largest cause of allergies. The worst cancer patients, the worst arthritics, the worst heart disease patients are always the milk drinkers.

Milk and milk products are not well metabolized in the human system. First of all, they have a great ability to neutralize hydrochloric acid. This forces your stomach to work harder and harder to produce enough hydrochloric acid to digest your food. Eventually the HCl producing glands in your stomach break down, and you don’t absorb the nutrients in your food. You end up with an HCl deficiency and as a result the proteins don’t digest properly, and therefore partially undigested proteins enter the bloodstream. These proteins, because they’re not fully digested, irritate tissues and provoke hives, skin rashes, and other allergic reactions. Eventually the liver has to remove all this partially digested cow protein, and that in turn places a heavy unnecessary burden on the person’s entire excretory system. Secondly, milk and cheese tend to generate excessive mucous in the intestines, sinus and lungs. The extra mucous in the intestines hardens and forms a coating on the inner lining that is relatively impermeable to nutrients. This, of course, means poor absorption. Poor absorption in turn means chronic fatigue. The excessive mucous also causes a host of other problems including constipation, as well as respiratory ailments. Mucous is quite sticky. When you have excessive amounts of it in your intestines, the food sticks to it; the stools adhere to your intestinal walls.

Milk and milk products have been shown to be a factor in the development of acne. The hormone progesterone is often in cow’s milk. This progesterone breaks down into androgens which encourage the acne.

Headaches are not generally a problem with milk, but with cheese. It’s been known for almost 200 years that cheese does cause migraine headaches. Tyramine, a protein in the cheese causes it.

An article by Dr. Schauss and Barbara Reid in Ohio, stated that hyperactivity in children can be traced to milk products. They have also done research in our prisons and have found that the murderers, the rapist, the worst criminals we have, drink at least 4 glasses of milk or better a day.

FOOD COMBINING: Never mix a heavy starch or sugar or an alkaline fruit with a protein. Lima beans, corn, brown and wild rice can be used in an all vegetable meal, but not mixed with proteins. Now there are 65 green, yellow and red vegetables that can be mixed together in an all vegetable meal or with proteins. Of that 65, four of them must always be eaten raw: cabbage, cauliflower, spinach and tomatoes. They are all high in oxalic acid and they destroy calcium metabolism. There are only four acid residue fruits: prunes, plums, cranberries and rhubarb. All other fruits leave an alkaline residue. They are best eaten alone or at least three hours after proteins. You see if they are eaten with the proteins, they will pick up the hydrochloric acid and there is nothing left to digest the proteins and fats. So they putrefy and that is one of your basic factors in causing degenerative disease.

WATER: Today we advise all people to drink reverse osmosis water. It is not true per se that it will demineralize you. What it does is not supply you with minerals, so you must make it up with a supplement.

FRUIT: Some of the fruits you don’t want today are citrus, especially oranges. Oranges will build triglycerides which are worse than cholesterol in producing arterio and artherosclerosis.

FRUIT JUICES: are only good for seven minutes after they are made. The hydrogen ion content which is in the fruit dissipates after seven minutes and all of your ability of first digesting, then assimilating the vitamins or the minerals disappears.

MEAT: You could put 500 pounds of meat in your mouth every day and swallow it and still be protein deficient. What kind of protein is it? If you are talking about the cold cuts, luncheon meat, hot dogs, canned and processed meat and pork products, you are not going to get any good protein anyway. But the embalming fluid they use, the preservatives which are in it will embalm you just a little bit quicker. They also use the red dyes which are cancer causative agents. They are also high in uric acid, which gives you gout and rheumatoid arthritis. How about beef? If it has a lot of marbelization of the fat running through the lean portions, don’t eat it. That animal was raised on antibiotics and hormones, so if you eat it, the antibiotics will destroy your immune system and make you eligible for all kinds of disease. That marbelization will help give you more cancer as well as arthritis, heart attacks and strokes. Probably the best in the animal protein is lamb if it is cooked at a low heat (138o), and broiled or baked fish. Be careful of fresh water fish. The lakes and rivers are so poisoned that you will poison yourselves by eating it more than once a week. Be sure that chickens and turkeys are raised on the ground. Don’t eat those raised on wire. They are loaded with a micro-organism that is found in people having cancer and many other degenerative diseases. Again make sure that eggs come from chickens raised on the ground and make sure these eggs are fertile. The only way to eat an egg is to soft-boil it period.

GRAINS: Never eat commercial cereals. They range from two to 68% sugar. Let’s eat the whole grains: the whole grains mainly are millet, steel-cut oatmeal, untoasted buckwheat, raw unprocessed bran, barley, brown and wild rice. They are the highest in protein and the highest in minerals. My breakfast usually consists of 1/4 cup rye, 1/4 cup millet, and a teaspoon of buckwheat. I put this in a double boiler, using three parts water to one part cereal, then cook 30 minutes. One of the finest things I know of to put on cereal is cranberry juice or prune juice. Proteins need acids, so using the juice helps you to digest the proteins out of those cereals.

NUTS AND SEEDS: Always eat them raw, never cooked. When they have been roasted, the oils in them become hydrogenated. Keep them in the shell until you eat them. Be careful with peanuts and peanut butter, because they have many fungus infections because of todays ways of agricultural and environmental health.

JELLO is not made from horses hoofs. It is made from the bellies of pork. Commercial Jello is only l/8th gelatin, 7/8 synthetic sugars. The artificial flavouring and colouring are on the cancer causative list, so never touch it.

POTATOES: Either boil them or bake them with the skins on. Eat the skin and the first 1/4″ under the skin because that’s where all the food value is.

Now what group of foods should you not eat? Oh boy! Here we go. Don’t drink decaffeinated coffee; don’t use oleomargarines, because it too is a polysaturated fat. Stay away from average store bought bread, white rice, macaroni, spaghetti pies, cakes, cookies, crackers, soft drinks, alcohol, rolls, pizza, biscuits, gravies, Mexican food etc. I’ll give you a motto to follow: “Eat foods that can spoil, but eat them before they spoil”. Do not eat foods containing preservatives. Do not eat commercially canned boxed or bleached foods. Coffee and tea are diuretics; they break down your kidney function, and eliminate potassium and the vitamin B complexes out of your systems. So drink the herb and root teas. Drink the barley type of coffees like Pioneer or Dandelion Root, and you won’t have any problems.

* * *

FOOD COMBINING MADE EASY by Herbert Shelton advises: * Eat acids and starches at separate meals.
* Eat proteins and carbohydrates at separate meals. Eat but one type of concentrated protein at a meal. Eat protein and acid fruits at separate meals.
* Eat fats and protein at separate meals.
* Eat sugars and protein at separate meals.
* Eat sugars and starches at separate meals.
* Eat melons alone or with fruit only.
* Eat milk and milk products alone or not at all.

* *

In ARE YOU CONFUSED? , Paavo Airola advises:

Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. Saliva contains digestive enzymes, which should be well-mixed with your food. Three rules for combining foods:
1. Never eat raw fruits and raw vegetables at the same meal.
2. Eat as few different foods as possible at one meal.
3. When protein rich foods are eaten, eat them first.

1. Raw fruits and raw vegetables require entirely different enzyme combinations for proper digestion. Lemon and papaya are exceptions to the rule. Cooked fruits after a vegetable meal seem to combine well.
2. Every food, fruit or vegetable requires a different enzyme or enzyme combination for digestion.
Proteins need a generous amount of hydrochloric acid. When you eat carbohydrates with them, the stomach does not secrete HCl, because it is not needed for the digestion of carbohydrates. It would be even better to eat the protein foods at one meal and the carbohydrate foods at another.
3. All natural foods contain all the food elements, proteins, fats and carbohydrates in varying amounts. Therefore you should not worry too much about food mixing as long as you abide by the above three simple rules.


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