Originally Written by: Stickle, Robert

Robert Stickle, an architect of international repute, this year will be 65 years old. In 1968, he was first diagnosed as having malignant melanoma and subsequently had eight operations. In 1972, by following holistic principles, he was able to reverse his cancer and has since been well. He now lectures around the world on his experience in fighting cancer and how these principles apply to other metabolic disorders.

There are only four things you can do to reverse this process of cancer. And I’m going to briefly state what they are:

(I) You must stop putting these harmful substances into your body that cause these metabolic disorders:

a) Avoid all animal products in the form of fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, fowl, and seafoods such as fish and shellfish. Glandular extracts and organs are the exception. Of the above substances, after disappearance of symptoms, some may later be resumed, but never pork, eggs or shellfish. Civilizations who subsist to a large degree on these products are very prone to cancer.

b) Expressed oils and fats of every nature make the condition worse. This includes oils, butter, margarine and of course all of the refined oils. Margarine is positively deadly to all. The exception is cold-pressed flaxseed oil.

c) Eggs in any form are forbidden. In my experience, eggs grow tumours faster than any other substance.

d) Alcohol. Wine, beer, whiskey and other spirits devastate the liver’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates as well as oils and fats. Cancer cannot ever be reversed if you continue to drink even the smallest amount of alcohol.

e) Processed foods of all kinds should not be taken. This includes cereals, drinks and snacks. Just about everything in bottles, jars, cans, packages and containers contain preservatives, dyes, chemicals, or other injurious substances.

f) Sugar, artificial sweetenings, syrups, brown sugar, molasses, candy, cakes, pies, pastries, chocolate are all forbidden. Raw, unheated, unfiltered honey is permitted.

g) All drugs are toxic and must be avoided entirely. This includes especially aspirin. All caffeine, whether in the form of coffee, cola drinks, or pills, is especially injurious to the cancer victim. Decaffeinated coffee is even worse because of chemical residues left from the decaffeination process.

h) Nicotine should be avoided. It pollutes the blood, constricts the capillaries, and plays mischief with the reticulo-endothelial system.

i) Chemically treated water must not be ingested by the cancer sufferer. Fluorine and chlorine are enzyme inhibitors. Never drink water that has passed through a water softener.

j) Avoid salt and irritating spices entirely at first, and then later only small amounts of unrefined sea-salt. Avoid all salt substitutes.

k) All dairy products are forbidden. The ingestion of animal milk by humans has two fundamental philosophical errors: it was not intended for humans and is not the proper type for humans and it is ingested long after there is any need for rapid growth.

l) As much as possible eat raw fresh vegetables and fruits and freshly made juices. Heat applied to food destroys essential substances such as enzymes and vitamins.

m) Cosmetics and toothpastes and gargles should receive special attention from the cancer sufferer with a view to eliminating noxious substances applied to the exterior of the body or to the orifices. Cheap cosmetics which utilize coal-tar derived fragrances and dyes can be absorbed into the body and injure it. Hair dyes, shampoos, permanents, etc., should be avoided as well as coloured soaps and so called germicidal substances. Deodorants should not be used by the cancer sufferer.

n) Do not breath fumes from paint thinners, solvents, polishes, cleaners, petroleum, pesticides, etc. Use rubber gloves when handling any strong chemicals.

(II) Secondly, you must attempt, by detoxification, to eliminate the accumulation of toxic substances in your body. The proper use of coffee enemas, and the castor oil grapefruit detoxification program is outlined in one of my small books.

(III) Thirdly, you must supply your body with the necessary building elements in order to rebuild. The body wants to heal itself, and requires good wholesome foods.

(IV) Now, the fourth, and one of the most difficult things to do is to realign the psyche. The emotions and the mental processes play a very important role in curing cancer. None of us like to face up to these problems, but in almost every cancer sufferer that I’ve talked to, I find one or more harmful emotions present. So, the program for reversal of cancer, as I see it, is fourfold. This last part has been sadly neglected. So let’s talk about the four harmful emotions that I find in most cancer sufferers:

The first and probably one of the most deadly, is fear. Fear will bring on you the very thing that you’re afraid of, no matter what it is. And it’s true. You can attract these things to you. Of course, the antithesis of fear is confidence. Some cancer sufferers succeed and get well, and some fail. This one factor of confidence seems so important to the final outcome. If they feel that they are going to make it, and are determined to do so, they usually do.

The next harmful emotion is hate. Now, I’m not talking altogether about hating another human being. You could hate all sorts of things. But if you have this worm eating you from the interior, you’re never going to bring about an amelioration of your conditions. You could hate your job. If you have to face up to something every day that you positively despise, you’re going to be sick. All of your metabolic processes will be thrown into disarray. None of the endocrine glands will work as they should, in harmony. When you’re happy, when you love instead of hate, when you’re not afraid of anything, when you have confidence, the juices flow well, and you can’t do anything wrong.

The next harmful emotion is a tough one. It was referred to by Shakespeare as that green-eyed monster – envy. You know, if you get right down to it, our whole world is built on envy today. And people are dying from the inside out because of it.

The last, and probably most difficult emotion to overcome is guilt. The difficulty in overcoming guilt is that you can’t turn back the clock. People feel that they have done things for which they cannot forgive themselves, and they allow this to consume them.


Q: Do you know the reason why cancer occurs?

A: No. No one does. If you were to ask me, do I know how to make cancer go away, I’d say, yes. I have formed observations. I feel that cancer is a disease of civilization. In primitive societies, there is no cancer. Absolutely none. It is a disorder, really, not a disease. It’s not communicable. It is something that is self-induced, knowingly and unknowingly. Cancer is the final breakdown of the body, and it takes rather heroic efforts to reverse it.

Q: Has any research been done on this approach to cancer?

A: Now you’ve hit me in a really tender spot. I think research is the biggest bunch of bunk in the world. We’ve got tons and tons of it. And miles and miles of books written on it. And what was yesterday’s science is today’s nonsense. They used to drill holes in people’s heads, in order to relieve headaches. And this has gone on for centuries. By the way, did you know the more money we spend on research, the higher the incidence of cancer gets?

Q: Have you found that religious belief is related in any way to curing cancer?

A: I have discovered (maybe this is good news to some and bad to others) that people who have no belief in any power above themselves, just don’t ever seem to recover. It doesn’t depend so much on whether it’s Judaism, Islam, or Christianity, or so on, as long as there is a belief in a power, or a cosmic force which can cure, which is available to us. If a person believes that strongly enough, and has that conviction, he can make it.

Incidentally, some of the very foods that were forbidden in the Old Testament, are very very productive of tumours. For example, pork. You couldn’t get me to eat pork no matter how much money you gave me. Not that I don’t like it. But I know that it’s going to raise tumours. Another thing you won’t get me to eat are any of the other scavengers: shrimp, shellfish of any kind. And lobsters. They really do produce tumours. You don’t need them.

Q: It has been stated that you increased your own cancer. Can you tell us how you did that?

A: At one time a melanoma appeared in a quite visible position on my hand, and I decided to experiment with it. So, I found that by taking eggs, (eggs are a very growth-promoting substance whether they’re fertile, or non-fertile), I could make it grow, and by stopping them, I could make it recess. Dr. Max Gerson had found that out too. He had a woman who insisted on having eggs. Although he had her situation turned around, and she ate only one egg yolk a day, her cancer returned and killed her.

Q: Have you given up meat and milk products entirely?

A: The answer is no. Now it isn’t quite so important what I do, as what I know to be true. I never held myself up to be perfect. Far from it. But I’ll tell you one thing. When I was recovering from cancer, I did not eat any meat. The digestion of meat places an undue burden on a faltering metabolism. But now that I no longer have any symptoms. I do occasionally eat meat, but not too often. Where are you going to get your protein if you don’t eat this stuff? Look at the finest specimens of mammals that there are. The biggest, the strongest, the healthiest, the longest lived is the elephant. Since when did he eat any meat? The horse, the deer, the moose, they are vegetarians. Where do they get their protein? And you know the answer – out of their verdure that they eat. And that’s where you can get it. Now about milk. I’m not objecting to it too much for healthy people, but I have never seen really healthy people that eat many dairy products. I’ve seen cancer victims dying when they start eating milk products again.

* * * * * * *

Books: Cancer, One Man’s Fight to Control Malignancy and A Rational Concept of Cancer by Robert Stickle


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