Originally Written by: Emma Holister. Courtesy of Friends of Freedom

If you ask anyone what “Codex Alimentarius” is, most people won’t have a clue. It’s a big word and tires the brain just looking at it. Who would ever have guessed that this is the title of the United Nations organization responsible for controlling what we do or do not put in our mouths: our food-supply-decision-makers?

Baby food? That’s their job too. They decide who eats it, who sells it, who buys it and who gets it. Codex Alimentarius (“Food Code”), the champion of “free trade,” is there to make sure that mothers who are breastfeeding their children in famine-stricken Third World countries get “equal access” to these nutritionally doubtful products.

In Josef Hasslberger’s article “Who Decides About our Health” ( we learn that in Berlin November 4-8, 2002 the Codex Committee were busy developing guidelines on how to define vitamin and mineral supplements. Should we continue to see them as food and keep them within the confines of the Codex or – as the pharmaceutical giants are now insisting – should we consider them as medicine and demand that they be subjected to the same extortionately expensive regulatory procedures (from the FDA and HPB, etc.) that mainstream, synthetic pharmaceutical products undergo?

This would involve handing them over meekly and obediently to the exclusive control of the pharmaceuti- cals industries. Quite naturally the shrewd businessmen within the Pharmacartel wish to muscle in on this potential multi-billion-dollar sector of the market. Especially as public opinion is increasingly pulling away from their costly chemical therapies with the myriad serious side effects that they often entail, towards these natural and effective age-old remedies that cure us without endangering our health. Why else would they have been investing hundreds of millions of dollars in lobbying aimed at destroying and discrediting the alternative health industry for so many years? It’s a simple question of eliminating competition.

Although the Codex guidelines are not immediately applicable as laws, they are nevertheless used by many countries – especially in the Third World – for creating their own legislation. The World Trade Organization also uses them when resolving trade disputes between countries and then uses sanctions to secure the widespread sale of this or that product. So the Codex is used as a tool by the globalizing forces on this planet (the Pharmacartel & Co.) to maintain their financial dominion.

For these very reasons we need more than ever to start informing ourselves. Humanity needs to grow beyond its present state of infantile dependence on a minority of “cleverly-spoken-highly-qualified-experts” who force-feed us poison for their own profit and withhold from us our right to choose natural therapies for the cure and prevention of illness.

A nation of babies is a dangerous nation, whichever nation that may be. TV culture is greatly responsible for diminishing our ability to question authority and makes us more malleable, more easily led to war. It is no difficult task to send soldiers to kill millions of human beings if all their lives they have renounced autonomous thought and active participation in the decision-making that governs them.

What do most of us really know about politics and economics other than their being annoying or difficult subjects at school? However, these are the forces in society that have a direct effect on whether we are healthy or ill, whether we go to war or remain in peace, whether we live or die. Perhaps it seems simplistic, but if we want to live, if we want to protect our children, then learning more about how we are ‘governed’ is as important as learning how to eat.

The common feeling in this age of overwhelming information and confusion is that if we add anything else to our already stressed agenda our brains won’t be able to cope. Fortunately and contrary to popular belief, making room for a little more information, especially if it is of a life-saving nature, will not make our brains explode.

It is now painfully clear that if the average person does not wake up soon and begin to demand that his or her participation in the decision-making regarding food and health be acknowledged, then the present situation of being poisoned and manipulated by a minority of unscrupulous profiteers risks wiping out vast portions of the world’s population.

So, to stay alive and healthy in this troubled age we should do the following things:

> Ask ourselves what is going on in the United Nations regarding Codex Alimentarius, the supplements issue, and write to them insisting that they respect our right to choose.

> Inform ourselves about the decision-making that is also taking place above our heads in the European Parliament which, like Codex, is conspiring to destroy the supplements market, Americans, Canadians and South Americans included. What passes in Europe may well also come to pass in the New World. Let’s not forget that these are global and not simply national forces.

> Write to our local and national governments demanding that they refuse to implement these insane laws regarding supplements which will annihilate our right to choose how we take care of our own health, something which is our most basic human right, and which no governing body, no matter how “qualified” may take away from us.

> Join the Global Health Freedom Movement and the many grassroots associations all over the world that have been campaigning for our health rights for many years.

And remember the wise words of George Bernard Shaw: “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” * * * For more information, log on to Friends of Freedom, the Canadian Health Rights Advocacy Organization campaigning for freedom of choice:


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