Originally Written by: Swilling, Jacob, Ph.D.

Jacob Swilling pioneered the first preventative medicine clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa and he has over 20 years of research experience in biochemistry, metabolic, bio-energetic and immune therapies used in the treatment of degenerative diseases. He is Executive Director of the Institute Genesis West-Provida Clinic, which operates as an independent clinic in the modern Contreras metabolic hospital complex located in Tijuana, Mexico. It is regarded as one of the most advanced metabolic clinics in the world today specializing in biological non-toxic non-invasive therapies.

EARLY SIGNS OF DISEASE Not so long ago, experts were predicting that one in every 100 people would battle cancer. Those statistics have been constantly revised until recently the same experts are saying that one in three will be battling cancer before the year 2000. The escalating morbidity statistics show that every one of us is at risk. According to all research a malignancy can take as long as eight to ten years to develop, and it is possible to evaluate the early warning signs that show the trend toward disease. Predictive medicine can predict where an illness will present itself, whether it be in the kidneys, breast or lungs.

NUTRITION People are taking supplements without really understanding their role as it relates to the biochemistry of the body. We see many kinds of depleted nutrition in patients who have life threatening diseases and even worse with terminal disease. In ill health, there is a change in the normal regenerative chemistry which is described as anabolic, which means that the body is building its resources in an attempt to achieve optimum health. Catabolic chemistry is the opposite, where the body is in a degenerative cycle that is breaking down its resources due to the fact that it is unable to get the nutrients necessary to achieve optimum health. Our dietary pattern and our lifestyle cause various changes, beginning in the digestive system and we do not get the maximum absorption of essential nutrients.

pH pH is a measure of acid/alkaline balance, and I believe that most illnesses and diseases begin when there is a shift in the pH in the body’s systems. The depletion of essential nutrients causes a serious change in the pH in the digestive system. Many depleted foods that we eat daily actually contribute to shifting the pH to become too alkaline. An acid environment is needed, and this change in pH will slow down the digestion and the assimilation of nutrients, which begins to reverse the anabolic chemistry and accelerate the catabolic chemistry that begins the degenerative process. The pH in the digestion should be acidic at a level of 3.5. Whenever there is a shift in the alkaline direction, the body is not able to break down proteins to release amino acids or assimilate minerals, particularly inorganic minerals. Keep in mind that minerals were meant to be organic from plant sources. The plant’s function is to absorb minerals from the earth and to convert them into an organic form that the body can use. One of the problems we see is that garden vegetables are more and more neglected and have deteriorated because of depleted soils, and these changes slow down the digestion of these foods, particularly when carbohydrate foods have been refined.

FERMENTATION In an alkaline environment, carbohydrates and sugar will begin to ferment. Most ill and diseased patients, particularly those who have cancer, have a fermentative state that attracts bacteria, fungus, and parasites, which do not normally develop in the natural pH. Fermentation requires oxygen, so it starts to compete with the cell’s own needs for oxygen. In diseased patients, we see enormous numbers of cells in a fermentative state, that are anaerobic, in other words, low in oxygen. The depletion of oxygen produces anaerobic cells in a pH that has shifted to become more alkaline (or basic), and this is the scenario for the development of cancer. Great scientists like Otto Warburg have presented extensive evidence that bacteria, viruses and cancer thrive in anaerobic fermentative states. Due to the depletion of vitamin C and amino acids, there is a breakdown of the membrane which becomes weakened to the extent that bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxic substances and particularly toxic metals can cross the membrane in a way they could not possibly do in a healthy cell. These invaders go almost crazy in their attempt to get through the membrane to the fermentation which is the natural food for their development.

THE COLON The same kind of problem with bacteria and other invaders is transmitted to the colon which is a receptacle for all kinds of problems related to undigested protein due to a pH that has shifted in an alkaline direction. These harmful bacteria will eventually take over the territory from the friendly bacteria. Friendly bacteria have many roles ranging from breaking down undigested protein to prevent it from putrifying, and aiding in producing intrinsic factors in vitamin B12, vitamin K and even prostaglandins that are so important in hormone synthesis. It is essential that there is a very delicate balanced ecosystem of these friendly bacteria, but when these invaders take over and deplete the population of friendly bacteria, you have a major problem of development of all kinds of toxic wastes, not only because the friendly bacteria are not there to break down waste, but because the invaders themselves, being living things, are dumping their own wastes which are excessively toxic, into the human body. This creates a toxic cesspool which encourages more of these invaders to develop in increasing numbers. These invaders will travel around the body and entrench themselves wherever there is a weak site, deep into the tissues, excrete their own toxic wastes which will create more inflammation. The inflammatory condition weakens the environment, particularly at the cellular level, and creates the whole process of fermentation and finally the development of cancer.

CANCER Cancer is never a localized disease. Cancer will only appear where there is a weak site, wherever that site is. It may be from an accident or some kind of physical trauma, a congestion in the energy system, scar tissue. If bacterial infection is not effectively corrected and continues to drain the immune system, that site could become the site for cancer. For example we find that the toxic amalgams and root canals are blocking energy pathways. We have found that an infection from a root canal can cause an inflammatory condition that finally can produce a tumour in another part of the body. When we removed the root canal and the infection, the tumours almost disappeared. Within three to four weeks they were gone. With the use of the most advanced bioenergetic feed-back technology like the Synchrodyne 520 that we use at Genesis West, it gives us the capability to reveal everything that is inflammatory and degenerative in all of the main organs and pathways of the body. The same technology will reveal what is causing that inflammation or degenerative condition.

THE DARK FIELD MICROSCOPE The degenerative process is clearly presented in the dark field microscope where we can see degeneration occurring at the cellular level. We can see a change in the rate of metabolic functions, and evidence of a breakdown in the membrane of the cells. Cellular level problems relate to everything from the build-up of toxic chemicals and metals, and congestion in the lymphatic system that is the result of the build-up of that waste.

STRESS The more we are under stress, the greater is the outpouring of hormones that are designed to attack the body’s own resources. The release of hormones is a priority in the body over almost every other function including the immune function. We can correlate the stress factor which is releasing these hormones with the degenerative condition. It is the beginning of a process that will attract other problems that will develop into disease and worse, cancer.

NORMALIZING THE pH What can we do to reverse this process? With the help of modern technology, we can reveal the presence of parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungus, so that we can treat them with a very specific focus with things like homeopathics, botanicals, herbals and special vaccines. We begin by changing the pH. Certain foods in our daily diet are responsible for altering the pH. On the top of the list is sugar. Sugar requires an unnatural amount of acid response from a buffering system that includes hydrochloric acid. Research clearly shows the correlation between an increase of sugar and the depletion of hydrochloric acid buffers. Another problem is caffeine from coffee and colas. Nicotine from cigarettes actually causes constriction of the cell which reduces its ability to receive oxygen and other nutrients. This in turn aggravates the depletion of nutrients which leads to catabolic chemistry. It is essential to plan a diet which provides only quality nutrition.

Whereas the acid environment in the digestion needs to be as low as 3.5, the blood works in a very narrow and restrictive range of 7.3 to 7.4. It is the necessary pH to drain the lymphatics of the congested wastes that cause the lymph nodes to become so swollen in cancer patients. If it shifts to a more alkaline state as we see in cancer patients, then we have to work to change it. It is important to change the pH in the fastest and most effective way we can, and to do this we use high doses of pantothenic acid, vitamin B5, hydrochloric acid in 10% dilution in buttermilk or kefir through a straw, and this introduces the hydrochloric acid in a way that is easily combined in the fluids of the body to induce an effective change in the pH. We also use hydrochloric acid in intravenous drips that can take anywhere from 12 to 72 hours. This has an amazing capacity to change the pH in the fluids of the body.

COLON CLEANSES It is important to do colon cleanses to detoxify the colon and remove the build-up of toxic wastes. Research shows that toxic wastes from cancer cells are the most toxic in the body. We administer colon cleanses using mineralized water, introducing a flow of ozone to ensure the cleansing process and elimination of bacteria and other invaders. Ozone is a gas form of oxygen which has the capability to cross membranes to get into the cells and evaporate the fermentation to restore the aerobic nature of the cell.

VITAMIN C, AMINO ACIDS AND MINERALS There is a desperate need for amino acids, electrolytes, vitamin C, and so on. We administer intravenous doses of vitamin C up to 100 grams a day, that is 100,000 mg. in a continuous drip. This helps to restore the membrane of the cell to give it back its integrity. We also administer intravenous amino acids, and provide pre-digested protein foods. I want to emphasize, not animal meat or poultry or fish. We use a colloidal organic form of minerals to provide the minerals which become the electrolytes that are responsible for the proper balance and maintenance of a balanced pH. We also use intravenous mineral solutions from a distillation process of sea water that gives us all the minerals and trace elements that are essential to change the environment, in particular to balance the pH.

HYPERTHERMIA We have all kinds of therapies for malignant tumours, such as hyperthermia, which means heat treatment. Research shows that invaders are normally weaker than normal healthy cells; cancer cells are the weakest of all because of their constant subdivision, and cannot tolerate temperatures above 102o F. With hyperthermia we can induce temperatures ranging from 102o right up to 107o where it is applied directly to tumours that are close to the surface of the body. When the body gets a fever, it is the body’s natural immune response to an infection. We are brain washed to believe that when we have a fever, we have to rush out and buy Tylenol or aspirin to urgently bring the fever down. In biological medicine, it is just the opposite. We work to induce a fever, because we know a fever is an active response by the immune system. This can be clearly seen under the microscope. Therapies which induce a fever range from the subcutaneous injection of a botanical like mistletoe which will produce a fever in one to two and a half hours to short-wave hyperthermia which is compatible with the body’s own frequencies, and produces a fever particularly at sites where there are tumours. This is the most dramatic way to break down tumour tissue.


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