REVERSING DISEASE: Using Individual Signiture Sounds

Originally written by: Edwards, Sharry

Sharry Edwards is the founder of Bio-Acoustics, and director of Signature Sound Works, a non-profit educational, research institute based in Athens, Ohio to further the study and practical use of Bio-Acoustics, a discipline that studies the frequencies that emanate from all living systems. She is the creator of Sound Environment techniques and technology, and is an author, researcher, instructor, international lecturer and a regular columnist for Explore Magazine. Her work has been published in professional journals, and has been the subject of five books, an eight-part TV series, and two documentaries. She is a graduate in the field of Interpersonal Communications and Education from Ohio University.

I have always had high frequency hearing but I didn’t know that everyone else didn’t hear these sounds from people and objects, even from trees and vegetables. When my husband and I went to the grocery store, my husband would pick up a grapefruit and say, “How does this look”? And I would say, “It sounds good to me”. It was the note of E and good grapefruits have the note of E. It sounded good to me. He thought I meant that sounds like a good idea. I was 23 years old when I finally figured out I was a weirdo. I had mutated hearing, and a mutated voice. I could produce pure tones with my voice and nobody is supposed to be able to do that. I could hear your sound and vocally duplicate it and tell you what your sound is. What good is that? We had to figure out a whole system to show what this really meant and I call it the study of Bio-Acoustics.

YOUR SIGNATURE SOUND Johns Hopkins University has done a lot of research on the theory that there is a sound coming out of your ear, and we have discovered some rather spectacular things about it. The frequency that comes out of your ear is produced by the pineal gland and is amplified by the stapedius muscle of the inner ear. If we take all the sounds in your voice and average them, it is that same sound coming out of your ear. This is your signature sound: it is a frequency representation of all that you are. It comes from everything that you think and eat and do, the clothes you wear, the person you sit beside, the ground you walk on, the chairs you sit in, everything that happens to you and it will indicate your physical and emotional state. You can tell a lot about a person by the way all of these signals go together in your body. You can call this signature sound your aura if you want, or your prana or your chi.

MUSIC OF THE SPHERES Just like your aura, your signature sound has different layers and these are layers of brain waves and other functions in your body. Pythagoras heard sound emanating from everything and everybody. He formed a theory about music and sound using the ratios of the planets at their furthest distance from the sun. He said that the planets are responsible for a series of frequencies which we call an octave. In frequencies below normal hearing range, these correspond to your brain wave patterns, alpha, beta, theta, and delta. Think about that. The movements of the planets set up a frequency, a series of sounds and your brain waves emulate that pattern. Isn’t that astounding? What is more astounding is that if you take the molecular weights of the nutrients in your body they almost exactly match this same scale. The elements have a molecular weight, they have a frequency, and the octaves of these elements in turn set up a harmony, an orchestra, that influence and pattern our brain waves. When our brain waves do not match this orchestra of the planets, our bodies respond by not being efficient, or falling into a state of “dis-ease”.

YOUR VOCAL PRINT Your signature sound is an auto-acoustic emission, but we can analyze your signature sound using a microphone which is sensitive to it. We can look at your signature sound through your vocal print – your voice is a holograph of it. We can take a picture of it which we call a frequency vocal print and it can be made for anyone in about 45 seconds. Your vocal print shows us the source of your health problem and it tells us exactly what is going on in your body. And apart from those people who are in the professional world doing hypnotic therapy or radio or television, you pretty much show the world what is really you when you use your voice. Stressed notes in your voice may reveal structural, genetic, environmental, biochemical, nutritional and emotional distress. The missing frequencies are given using a Self-Management Auditory Device known as a SMAD, a low-frequency modulator based on my voice structure to enable your body to reverse disease and begin to heal itself.

DIAGNOSIS Inanimate objects also have a sound. You can make a cup sing if you hit its frequency by sound. And when we find your exact frequency, and cause your brain waves to make that same sound, you will vibrate and begin to hum and sing. This is what we do in Signature Sound Work. We call the whole field Bio-Acoustics (literally means life sounds). We can test you to find out what your signals are, which ones you have missing, which ones you have too much of and balance them out. And when we do, your vessel sings just like that glass.

We have all of this computerized. We can take an evaluation of your voice and we can measure the blood composition. You don’t have to have your blood drawn. We can’t look at red and white blood cells yet, but we can measure the amount of iron, amino acids, B12, and potassium. We know that if somebody has the note of C missing, for instance, they may have too much creatinine and there is probably kidney disease, and we can then give them the antidote. When we do this, the high levels of creatinine are neutralized. Using this technique, we have been able to regenerate lung tissue, a knee cap and portions of bones. We have been able to help improve conditions such as lung disorders, heart problems, high blood pressure, seizure disorders, chronic pain, genetic syndromes, eye problems, environmental allergies, trauma, sports injuries, recluse spider bites and metal toxicity. We have been able to reduce mental retardation, reverse some characteristics of Down’s Syndrome. We just had a man who had cancer and had one of his vocal chords removed. Seven weeks later, he regenerated a new vocal cord. That’s how long it takes. We can tell by your vocal print if you have been poisoned with something, and we can render that poison inert.

When we create an effect in your body that is positive, it causes the vocal print to become more coherent, and it moves into a smaller pattern without spikes. Vocal coherence can be used to show whether treating someone with a colour, a sound, an aroma, a massage, a medicine, has helped or hindered them. This is the best way to show whether you have a healing effect. The number of treatments an individual needs varies. We had one person who had leukemia who took nine hours of treatment to reverse it, and we had another leukemia patient who we have been treating for a year and a half. Usually I will see a client once, and get their pattern and then ask someone who is their caretaker to take the course so they can monitor them . I prefer that someone close to you is trained to take care of you and I am just there to monitor what is going on.

TONING AND CHANTING Ancient civilizations and religions have used sound to balance and maintain health from within. Toning has been used for thousands of years in the use of bells and chanting in the Tibetan monasteries, Buddhist and Hindu temples, and in Gregorian chanting. Down through the ages, toning, and doing sounds and rhythm in one form or other has been practiced in almost every culture since before time. It is one of the most powerful tools for healing the human body and spirit. Chanting a simple sound creates inner harmony by causing vibrations which reverberate throughout the body.

MAGNETIC POTENTIAL OF THE VOICE Human beings today have lost what is called a magnetic potential to their voice. The magnetic potential is what causes healing qualities. When you talk to people, your voice gives them pictures of who and what you are. I kind of like that idea. A magnetic potential told people when you were lying, and helped create pictures of what you were talking about.

THE THETA STATE – LISTENING TO YOUR SIGNATURE SOUND Your brain can give you your signature sound at any moment. Using modern technology, I have invented a little instrument which I can use to take a vocal print, but you can go back to your inner core and do it for yourself. The technology just allows you to prove that it is there. There is a very ancient technique which tells you to repeat “the sound of silence”. With this technique, you can go to the inner core of your mind to listen to your ears sing. You can put your fingers over your ears, and when you listen to that ringing in your ear, that will put you into a state of theta automatically, and theta is the state of the brain which is healing. Whenever you receive a trauma, your body naturally goes into the theta state and heals it and when you go into that theta state, you can program your body to heal itself. You can say “All things in perfect harmony with my perfect being in all time and space”, or “Scan and repair” like on Star Trek. Do whatever works for you. You can still be in that theta state and hear this sound and do your math, or while shopping. Any time you want to go into that theta non-judgmental state, you can do it. Let’s say you are nervous. Just listen to your inner sound. Whatever comes to you in that state is yours. You can say “Should I marry this guy?” and it will tell you and it will give you pictures because you have screened out all the interference that isn’t really appropriate to you. It is very easy to walk in that state but it’s very hard to get there. Living in that state of constant awareness of living in the now is one of the easiest things you will ever do. Getting rid of all the things that you have thought that cause you to be safe is one of the hardest things you will ever do. But walking with your own sound will change your life. Live in integrity with all the pieces of your being in unity and harmony.

COURSES We have courses every month. Right now there are two courses, Form I and Form II. Form I is designed for work with routine clients. It’s five days long and it’s intense, about 12 hours a day. Form II is for working with chronic and critically ill clients so you can work with hospitals and medication and that is also five days long. We try to do one class in a foreign country every other month. We really prefer to train practitioners rather than treat patients. Right now the fee for the Form I course is $1,050 and for Form II is $1200. The cost of the equipment is around $2,000. We figured out that for all of your courses and all of your equipment, if you see two people a day for two months, you have made all your money back.

* * *

For more information about Sharry Edwards’ sound therapy and courses, you may contact her at P.O. Box 706, Athens, Ohio 45701. Phone 614-592-5115, Fax 592-6116.

In Toronto, contact Cliff Homewood at Namaste Institute at 132 Coon’s Road, Richmond Hill L4E2M8. Phone 905-773-2522. He is a certified practitioner of Bio-Acoustics.

Desiree Keeawok at Whispering Song has worked with Sharry Edwards and does a traditional form of sound therapy (not Bio-Acoustics) and counsels clients to develop their own inner sound. Phone 416-588-4503.

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  1. Looking for those trained in your method to work at my new center for children and adults living with Autism and those who are w/i the spectrum.
    Not limited to those who are challenged with other impairments.
    If you have graduates in mind, please inform them about the offer.
    Have studies with Dr. Clancy who’s work includes Magnetics and sound in Wash. DC

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