CAUSES AND REVERSAL OF Chronic Fatigue, Heart Disease & Kidney Failure

Originally Written by: Ali, Majid, M.D.

Dr. Majid Ali is a pathologist, surgeon and a specialist in immune therapy and environmental medicine. He is president of the American Academy of Preventive Medicine, associate professor of Pathology at Columbia University, New York, director of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratories at Holy Name Hospital, Teaneck, New Jersey, and president and professor of medicine at the Capital University of Integrative Medicine, He is the author of many health books including The Canary and Chronic Fatigue and What do Lions Know about Stress?



In our program, we stress the importance of stress reduction and spiritual work for people with heart disease. The first thing we teach is auto-regulation, a term we use for meditation and self-regulatory methods to slow the heart when it is racing. The best way to slow it down is to breathe slowly. This was an ancient discovery of man and we have found it to be very useful. We also recommend overhydration from morning until 6:00 p.m.


Five out of six times, when a person dies of acute myocardial infarction he is not dying of a clot in the coronary arteries. He is dying because his coronary artery is going into intense spasm. It blocks off the blood supply to the heart and the patient goes into infarction or cardiac arrhythmias and eventually death. The by-pass or angioplasty cannot do anything for these people. Even chelation treatment cannot help these patients.


Cholesterol has almost nothing to do with heart disease. People who have hereditary problems which causes their cholesterol to be very high are the exception. We have been fed a major deception about cholesterol and some people are profiting handsomely from this. Millions of people are being given toxic cholesterol-lowering drugs which ruin the fat chemistry forever and ever. There is no categorical evidence that cholesterol-lowering drugs are necessary or that they work. What do you do for someone who has very high blood cholesterol? He is facing a risk, but we can manage nutrition for prevention of heart disease or reversal of heart disease.


The real villain in heart disease is sugar. Sugar causes high insulin, and high insulin triggers the adrenergic rollercoaster, and that causes the spasm of coronary arteries which is the beginning of acute heart problems. As far as chronic problems are concerned, we have blood clots in the circulating blood all the time. When we are healthy the blood unclots as soon as it clots because we have enzymes which break up a blood clot.


If you look at the risks of heart disease: smoking, diabetes, excess weight, stress, exposure to cold weather, the common denominator of all these problems is oxidative injury. Oxidation means loss of electrons and loss of energy. High energy molecules are oxidized to low energy molecules. Oxidation is spontaneous, and the spontaneity of oxidation is nature’s grand scheme to make sure that nothing lives forever.


To prevent oxidation, we emphasize the diet. Butter is good. Extra virgin olive oil is good. All the essential oils protect against heart disease. There are hundreds of published studies which show this. Essential oils like flax oil should be taken cold. All oils once they are cooked become oxidized. They become denatured like butter when it turns rancid. We need essential oils. Our brain is about 80% fat, and cell membranes are predominantly cholesterol.


In chelation therapy, a substance is used which binds with toxic metals and minerals and removes them from the body. This is the standard therapy in the United States and in Canada for toxic metal overload in the body. In the past, it has been considered a controversial treatment for heart disease, but there never really was any controversy. The vast majority of patients who try the therapy for cardiovascular problems do very well. Some people who have never tried the therapy say it is useless because it challenges some of the assumptions of the American Heart Association.


There is no treatment for renal failure anywhere in the world, at least in the western model. We have used chelation for kidney failure and have been able to demonstrate a progressive reduction in the creatinine and BUN tests which are the tests for renal function.

We are caught up in a medical model which will pay $150,000 for a complicated by-pass and all kinds of other operations, and they will not pay for a little magnesium, vitamin C, taurine, mallic acid or glutathione. All the injured tissues heal with nutrients, not with drugs. That is common sense.

* * *

For more information about chelation therapy and ozone therapy, you may call Dr. Ali directly at 201-486-4111. Dr. Ali’s books What do Lions Know about Stress, The Canary and Chronic Fatigue, The Butterfly and Life Span Nutrition, The Cortical Monkey and Healing, and The Ghoraa and Limbic Exercise are available at Consumer Health Organization.

The Toronto Clinic for Preventive Medicine at 360 Bloor St. W., Ste. 506, Toronto, phone 416-922-7537, follows Dr. Ali’s protocol.


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