Homeopathy and Biophotonics (I)

Prof. Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu

There are many aspects in homeopathy and other energy medicines that are poorly understood by science. This paper deals with the use of biophotonics to give a probable explanation about the modus operandi of homeopathic medicines. Starting with the understanding that all living organisms are ‘energy bodies’, the author has discussed latest research findings in the field of biophotonics, kirlian technology, memory of water, bioluminicence and piezoelectric phenomenon to give a new understanding about energy medicine and transfer of ‘therapeutic’ information through homeopathic remedies and other forms of energy medicine.

The Vital Force – between archaic intuition and scientific reason

The complementary / alternative medicine is empirically known to give very positive results. But there is still no coherent theory which offers a unitary explanation regarding the mechanisms which make these results possible.  In spite of all the incontestable progress of scientific knowledge, we still find ourselves in situations, which make us describe the results of alternative medicine as “magical” or “paranormal”, “para-physical” or “para-psychical” and so on. Most of the successes in complementary (non-allopathic) therapies, among which homeopathy is the most important, fall in this category.

Homeopathic practice regards the integrative and holistic nature of the human being. For homeopathy, the physical body as well as the spirit (mind, intellect) and the soul (emotion, affection) are equally responsible for the ups and downs of one’s health. An intuitive human attitude, whose roots are lost in illo tempore (ed-latin for ‘indeterminate past’) and which deals with the preservation of the unity / equilibrium of body and soul and spirit, in order to maintain one’s health, is just starting to be adequately understood.

The existence of this relationship is now well acknowledged, but the real problem lies in accounting for and validating it within the analytical instruments of scientific discourse. As Ioan Teleianu noticed, referring to the specific processes in homeopathic treatment: “The intimate mechanism which, unfortunately, is not able to satisfy our whole need to understand any biological mechanism remains inexplicable” [1993: 13]. Similarly, Anton Jayasuriya states: “There is no material explanation up to this moment of the way in which these homeopathic remedies work which is accepted by everyone, although there are many medical proofs that homeopathic remedies have really cured patients. Yet, the empirical descriptions don’t have scientific validity. The Vital Force phenomenon, the central thesis concerned with explaining health and illness, is a metaphysical explanation that doesn’t fit with controlled trials in simulated experiences” [1997: 34].

Fortunately, after two centuries of “tacit” (without scientific explanation) functioning from its official birth, we can today connect the very old intuition of homeopathic medicine and the very recent scientific contributions of biophotonics in order to put together “physics” (natural sciences) and “metaphysics” (humanistic sciences, philosophy and religion especially), for understanding our archetypal roots [Stanciulescu, 2003b].  These two connections now permit a rational explanation of our own states of consciousness and of our harmonious states of health: physical (biological), emotional (psychical) and intellectual (logical).


A new integrative “science of light”, of the invisible reality defined by the “energetic-informational (EI) fields” hierarchy – having BIOPHOTONICS (a very new science connecting biology and theory / technology of lasers) as a first level [1] – will assume the dignity of opening the human being towards the understanding of his / her own becoming.

Our “being of light”: Interdisciplinary connections to homeopathy

Our religions have always indicated that ‘we’ are primarily a form of energy, a part of the ‘divine light’. But a human being is not only metaphorically speaking a “being of light” (pure Intellect and Energy). We could justify this statement with a complex of correlated arguments. We would begin with the intuitive practices of “magic medicine” (including, first, the old homeopathic practices) and continue to the scientific contributions of (bio)physics and (bio)chemistry, botany and zoology.  We would then add to these the contributions of various medical sciences and of biotechnology (biophotonics), as well as to the fields of human sciences, such as philosophy, psychology, semiotics, etc to understand our existence as energy bodies.

In the context of the present study, we will mention some of the most relevant arguments arising from these fields, to justify the idea that the “Vital Force”, the “field of life”, or the “life principle”, postulated by homeopathy has an objective existence, as a bio(psycho) field resonating inside and also outside the human body.

Each of the practical or theoretical arguments that we take into consideration could be suggestively connected to a certain aspect of homeopathic practices [2].

2.1. The intuitive / practical models of the human being’s energetic-informational (EI) structure have been proposed from illo tempore(‘indeterminate past’), namely:

Magical thinking – considered that everything in this world is implicitly connected by the resonance of a very special (universal) “soul”. The Kirlian or electro(no)graphic technology, using electrical procedures for amplifying the living body’s emission of light and for impressing photosensitive paper, could prove the certitude that we are “full of light”, that “light-traps” of energy and information are present everywhere in living bodies (cells, tissues, organs, organism). It is enough to see the electronographies of a drop of water, of a leaf or of a human finger (figure 1 a, b, c) [cf. Guja, 1993: fig. 22, 11, 20], to understand that the archaic intuition was amazingly true. In its different states, the “complex light” [3] is present everywhere in the world, unifying every form / thing of the (living) world by a “holographic resonance”. It is exactly this “soul” and this “resonance” that are activated by a high potency homeopathic remedy, that permits a potency to keep the memory (information / field) of a certain substantial substratum (minerals, plants, animal products) and to transmit it to a human being through the correlated homeopathic remedy.

a) b)
c) d)
e) f)

Figure 1: The electronographic emission of (bio)light of a: a) graphite plaque; b) drop of water; c) leaf; d) dragon fly;  e) human skin; f) human hand.

Mythical and esoteric thinking proposed many names for the “cosmic energy”– the Polynesian “mana”, the Indian “prana” and Chinese “qi”, the Egyptian “chu” and “ba”, the Latin “anima mundi” and “pneuma”, the transcendental “Universal Field” etc.  [4]. In all cases, it was considered the infinite reservoir of human energetic life resources – in terms of a wonderful modern hermeneutics. For example: The “Universal Field” gives rise to the fundamental force and matter fields, which then generate the DNA molecule – the material expression of the Unified Field, which creates and governs the flow of biological intelligence in all the various levels of physiological organization” [Nader, 1995: 2].

From the biophotonics perspective, we have already postulated that such a “universal energy” could represent the synergy of the universal bioluminescent / bioplasmatic field emitted by the “living substance” present everywhere in the world [Stanciulescu, 2003b: 111]. Consequently, this energy is both: Determined by the human complex activity (physical, psychical and mental) and floating through different “nets” (micro-biostructures) [Macovschi, 1969] – such as nadis / meridians, nervous system – inside the human organism. Penetrating inside the human body, by using different natural or stimulated procedures, beginning with sleeping and finishing with spiritual procedures (meditation, praying, etc.) or with technical ones (acupuncture, for example).

Homeopathic remedies could contribute to optimizing the interference relationship between the “universal field” and the “individual field”, between “Brahman” and “Atman”. For example, the good therapeutic results, obtained by connecting a homeopathic high potency / remedy and an acupuncture intervention proves – among other effects – that a certain resonance can be holographically established between the two types of radiation. The “point” (homeopathic remedy) and the “universe” (the energetic potential of the living world) are connected due to their resonance just as the “individual soul” is connected to the “universal soul” of the world.

Religious conception of the human body, soul, and spiritual unity could be assumed – in biophotonic terms – as a relationship between the levels of the “light fields” generated by our biological / physiological activity (figure 2a) [Oldfield, Coghill, 1997: 223], by our emotional states (figure 2b) and by our mental involvement (figure 2c) [Guja, 1993: fig. 35b, 1a, d]. Such a relationship will be used by homeopathic therapy [Vithoulkas, 1999: 65-66], acting at the complementary levels of the human being predominantly by: substantial (biochemical), energetic (electric and magnetic), and informational (photonic) effects.

Figure 2: The bio-psycho-logical human bioluminescence

(a) the auric field of a human healthy and ill cell; (b) elderly individual with Alzheimer’s disease (dementia): higher density and intensity of streamers, specific to the old age, together with right / left asymmetry and extended inversions; (c) electronographic image of the pineal-pituitary complex (the “third eye”), responsible for the super-sensorial activity of the brain.
It is exactly this complementarity of the effects that biophotonics involves. At the same time, we could appreciate that, by administering a “unique remedy”, the homeopath acts firstly – by the resonance of this remedy’s waves – at the level of a “fundamental wave” (defined by the harmony of the whole human personality, as an integrative complex: body, soul, spirit). Secondly, if necessary, some other “harmonic” remedies will be available for optimizing some particular malfunctions of the physical and psychical activity respectively.

Unconventional (complementary) therapeutic practices, beginning with “magic medicine”activating different types of “symbolical therapies” (such as incantation, prayer, etc.) and finishing with modern bioenergetic practices (such as reiki, radiant technique, etc.) and homeopathy, have also described (by the clear-vision of certain super-sensorial persons), the presence of the seven “bodies of light”belonging to the human being (figure 3a) [cf. Brennan, 1993: 53].  Such intuitions can now be objectively interpreted by a high computational technology as well (figure 3b).

Figure 3. The human body aura: a) the “auric ovoid” and its seven levels: an intuitive representation; b) the auric emission of a human subject taken with a normal camera and belonging to a person in a very excited intellectual state; a computational analysis of the “human aura” photograph above presented, clearly suggested the presence of the seven energy-information (EI) levels and their strong determination by a spiritual (mental / logical) activity [5].
We may consider the presence of different levels of energy-information of the human body as intuitive evidence that, when adjusted to a specific level of frequency belonging to the human aura, to organs or chakras, to tissues or to cells, etc., each type of potency will have its properly differentiated effects, for its resonant level. These specific remedies (corresponding to the different “harmonic waves” of the body, soul, spirit, states of health / illness) must be in specific resonance with the fundamental frequency of the unique remedy which homeopathic practices prescribe.

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