BioMagnetic Hydrology: The Interactive Effect Of Two Forces Of Natural Energy – Water And Magnetism


In the current era of rapid scientific progress, many concepts which were once “scientific truths” as recently as 20 years ago are no longer tenable. But of all the discoveries, none is more important than the theory of the human energy field. In a very short time, scientists have revisited their thinking from denial of the existence of energy fields to absolute certainty that they exist. This revelation has worked its way into scientific investigation in bio-medical research. As a result, medical interest has begun to focus on the magnetic fields around the body, referred to as bio-magnetic fields. This is beginning to be understood as perhaps the main catalyst of human energy.

How did I become interested in Energy Medicine? When did I learn that only with gratitude for the gifts of Nature and Natural Energy can our mind, body and spirit be one and receptive to these gifts? My years of training and practice as a physician in Japan led me to seek a better way of providing health care with a more humanitarian approach. Forced by the system to use cruel treatments that provided revenue rather than healing, I became disillusioned as I watched patient after patient suffer needlessly, many begging for death, rather than continue to live with pain and without dignity.

A field of study which has led me to investigating the forces of Natural Energy is Bio-Magnetic Hydrology. I coined this term to explain the interactive effect of magnetism and water in the body, and how these natural energy forms provide for a stable, internal environment. I have found these two areas promising and worthy of exploring. As I explored these forces of Nature and dug deep into the mystery of Natural Energy, I became aware of how water behaves in the body and its role in maintaining a healthy, internal environment. This becomes manifested in the extra cellular matrix( the area of the internal environment surrounding the cells) and the importance of water’s osmolarity and magnetic influence. These distinct, yet inseparable entities may prove significant in providing answers to the mystery of energy, especially as it applies to the human body.

Bio-magnetism has been studied in many different sciences, such as electro-biology and neurophysiology. However, the relationship of bio-magnetism to the human energy field is just gaining attention by more open and enlightened scientists. Going beyond the world of ions, they are focusing on micro bio-magnetism, which includes studying smaller entities than ions, mainly electrons, protons and electron voids. This has provided impetus to uncover the root of natural energy and a scientific basis for understanding the disease process. (Oschman, 2000)


In respect to human energy, the human effort in the conquest of the forces of Nature is really futile. Nature is never really conquered; yet we can only be triumphant when we realize this basic law, and learn to direct and control the more important forces within us. All forms of energy are provided and circulated by Nature, given freely as gifts. Two of its most significant gifts, which have an impact on health and longevity are water and magnetism, energy sources in the purest form.

Albert Einstein spent the last part of his life in search of a “common denominator” behind forms of energy. The forces found in the living body which generate its energy correspond with those which govern the inanimate world and the theory of “vital force’, which, unfortunately, has been rejected by mechanistic, scientific thinking. The “Cell Theory” professed the conception that the activities of an organism are the sum of the activities of its component cells, which were regarded as the most elementary form of organized substances incapable of further reduction other than by mechanical or chemical means. This theory is only feasible if Einstein’s theories of quantum physics are rejected. (Oschman, 2000)

Regarding energy at the most fundamental level, we still do not know exactly what electricity and magnetism are. With new thinking on old theories, the time has arrived when the activities of living cells will find explanation on a physio-chemical basis, generated by the natural forces of energy. Whether the issue investigated pertains to a human or bacteria, we are dealing with a mass of vibrating atoms which in their varied combinations are the basic constituents of all that exists.

We all need both internal and external sources of magnetism for survival. Internally, the body makes mineral crystals of magnetite that can be magnetized. These ferromagnetic (highly capable of being magnetized)elements of iron, manganese and cobalt are found in the pineal gland and in neurons. These structures are actually permanent static field magnets that generate magnetic fields. Individual cells have magnetic fields centered in the DNA, produced by the biochemical processing of nutrients, water and oxygen, an element highly capable of being magnetized (Philpott), 2000). The content and structure of the water in the body can be the difference in how the body assimilates elements necessary for optimal use of magnetization. Water which is naturally magnetized in a magnetic environment is superior to any other water source, even water that has been artificially magnetized by a device.

Magnetism is energy, created by the movement of electrons, which spin counterclockwise. The electron is a basic unit of the atom and has properties such as mass, charge and gravity. But a rational, scientific explanation of these properties related to energy is not yet available. The electron theory which most corresponds with modern scientific investigation concerning the physical basis of the material universe conceives matter to be made up of molecules, composed of atoms, which consist of electrons. These atoms of matter are individualized masses of positive electricity diffused uniformly over the area of an atom. Throughout the mass are hundreds of minute particles of negative electricity, aggressively moving about, each repelling every other particle, yet all contained within their orbits by the mass of positive electricity.

The electron is the smallest entity known to science and is a thousand times smaller in mass than the smallest atom. It is a sphere of positive electrification enclosing a number of negative electrified particles which counterbalance the positive electricity of the enclosing sphere. The electrons are characterized by the uniformity of their vibrations. During the revolutions of the electrons, thousands of millions of times per second, an electro-magnetic field of energy is created. Everything in nature is in a state of perpetual motion, changing from one velocity to another. Humans are merely aggregations of electrons. The power to change the state of motion of a body is energy. (Abrams, 1913)


Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century (ã 2000). Ronald Lynch, M.D. Integrative Natural Solutions

Excerpts from Gerber, Richard (1988). Vibrational Medicine, Santa Fe, NM: Bear & Co.

There are many magnet researchers who advocate drinking “magnetized water” for a variety of health reasons. As we have mentioned earlier, magnetized water has been shown by Dr. Grad and others to accelerate the germination and growth of plants…

In his book, Magnetotherapy, Dr. R. S. Bansal, director of the Indian Institute of Magnetotherapy in New Delhi, India, reports that drinking magnetized water can produce a wide variety of health benefits, including boosting energy levels, aiding digestion, improving normal bowel function, helping to regulate abnormal menstrual cycles, increasing urinary flow while also dissolving kidney stones, and even reducing fevers… Dr. Bansal recommends drinking two ounces of magnetized water before breakfast and after major meals of the day.

One may ask, “Does magnetization of the water do anything to change its basic physical properties?” The answer is yes. The changes are very small but measurable. Magnetized water exhibits a change in the strength with which water molecules are able to bind with one another. Magnet researchers Davis and Rawls found that south-pole magnetic force appeared to make water molecules bind to each other more weakly than normal, thus giving it a lower surface tension than normal.* Surface tension is the membrane-like layer on top of water that water-strider bugs are able to walk upon. It is this same phenomenon of surface tension that is responsible for the ability of plants to suck water up through their roots from the surrounding soil.

While the ability to alter the surface tension of water may not seem like much, a magnet’s ability to change the way water molecules interact with each other within the body could theoretically produce major changes in enzyme activity. The shape an enzyme takes (and thus the shape and efficiency of the active enzyme site where it does its catalytic work) is strongly influenced by how the enzyme’s protein backbone interacts with surrounding water molecules (a process that can be affected by magnetism). The fact that magnetized water possesses altered binding forces between water molecules and various proteins, salts, and mineral substances appears to endow it with the ability to dissolve buildups of various types of salts and minerals (Davis and Rawls, 1996).

This phenomenon turns out to have industrial as well as biological applications. Magnetized water has been shown to be effective in breaking down and dissolving mineral and salt buildup within pipes and boiler systems. It is used this way in Russia. In a similar vein, Russian and Indian magnetotherapists have reported that magnetic water, ingested by patients with kidney stones and certain types of mineralized gallstones, allowed patients to slowly dissolve and excrete the abnormal buildups of salt and minerals from their gallbladders and urinary tracts. Following this same line of reasoning, some Indian magnetotherapy researchers assert that magnetized water has similar value in helping to remove calcium and even cholesterol deposits from critically clogged arteries in people suffering from arteriosclerosis and other types of vascular disease… A number of Russian magnetotherapy researchers believe that many of the positive effects magnets have upon the body may be related to their ability to magnetize the water content of the human body itself. Keep in mind, we are more than [70] percent water…

There are two unique gem elixirs prepared from magnetic materials. They are lodestone elixir and magnetic elixir. The actions of these vibrational remedies are known primarily through intuitive research methods. Lodestone elixir is said to align our physical body’s biomagnetic field with the earth’s magnetic field. It may also enhance transmission of information throughout the body in its many forms. It seems to accomplish this in part by enhancing nerve-to-nerve communication throughout the entire nervous system. Lodestone elixir is reported to be a general tonic for the endocrine system and may also be valuable for stimulating tissue regeneration. It is said to balance the acupuncture-meridian system and bring balance to the opposing forces of yin and yang within the body.

Magnetite elixir is said to enhance blood circulation throughout the entire endocrine system. Magnetite elixir may be helpful for people who have had radiation exposure caused by working in the mine rich in radioactive minerals or from general exposure to radiation. It is also believed to enhance meditation, allowing a greater inner focus. Magnetite elixir is said to energize and align all the chakras, meridians, and subtle or spiritual bodies.

*It should be noted that William Philpott, M.D., a leading authority on bio-magnetism, believes that positive-negative polarity, not north and south polarity, is what creates the magnetic reaction.

From Oschman, J.L. Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis. (2001). New Perspectives, Journal of the Center for Frontier Sciences of Temple University, 10(2).

Electric and magnetic fields generated by tissues, organs, and even pathologies are not only useful for diagnostics, but are also part of the body’s mechanism for communicating with itself and its environment. Each heartbeat, breath or emotion generates characteristic electromagnetic fields that travel through the extra cellular matrix, or connective tissue in which cells are embedded, to remote cells. The surrounding organized layer of water can serve as a separate communication and energy channel and may also have an impedance-matching role.

Through the Hall effect, it has been learned that the per neural system is sensitive to magnetic fields and that semi conduction is occurring. This discovery confirmed Saint-Giorgio’s suggestion of semi-conduction in the living matrix and gave a basis for the use diamagnetic fields in healing. Each molecule, cell, tissue and organ has a resonant frequency that coordinates its activities. Living matter is highly sensitive to the information conveyed by these signals. These signals may integrate processes such as growth, defense, injury repair and the function of the organism as a whole.

When water with a weak, electro-magnetic signal enters the nerve cells, the connectors, called synapses, cannot generate a strong impulse from one cell to another. Eventually, the brain cells are affected from lack of adequate neuro-stimulation because the synapses can’t keep nervous information flowing. Magnetized water is like a “magnetic bridge”, creating a pathway for water to enter nerve cells more readily, thereby, making the minerals and nutrients required for intercellular nerve connections more available.

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