Defeating Depression – The Ultimate Cure[s] for Preventing Suicide (Coming Soon)

COMING SOON… …This article is going to take some time to publish, as Depression is a very unique topic and is an ailment everyone suffers from. 

And since everyone is different the cure for everyone will be different.  Depression cannot be cured with just (bio)chemicals, or universal energies (electricity, magnetics), as Depression is unlike any other ailment.

I understand biochemicals and their effects on neurochemicals, and then brain function and behaviour/mood/personality/emotions…   Some foods will naturally make you happier  (Very Special Article “GxD’s Grocery List” Coming soon), but is a chemical means always going to be THEE answer for depression?  My common sense says no.

What about how thoughts effect the biochemical make-up of our brains?  Nobody ever talks about that.  We could eat all the happy food in the world, but if our thoughts are still more powerful and have the more profound affect and effect the (bio)chemicals, then (bio)chemicals are just a temporary trick.

So it is the individuals mind and life experience that needs to be re-moulded. And that’s where I come in with this article.

Links to some of the best Depression/Suicide Help:

~ by 619 on August 14, 2010.

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