Depression – Links to Extra Help For Those Contemplating Suicide

People on the Internet who are here to help you:
The Samaritans  – non-judgmental crisis support by e-mail
Suicide: Read This First  –  (My Personal Favourite) or call 1-800-SUICIDE to talk to a counselor right now
How to Choose a Competent Counselor  – a consumer’s guide
ABC’s of Internet Therapy  – counselors who will help you online

The basic facts about depression:
Depression: A Treatable Illness
Depression – basic education from NIMH
Depression, a Patient’s Guide
Depression booklets online from Healthtouch – it’s not your fault.

More in-depth information about depression:
Mental Health Net – extensive guide to online mental health resources
Depression Central – Dr. Ivan Goldberg knows everything about medical treatment of depression
Internet Mental Health – easy to use library of information about medications and diagnoses
Psych Central – useful links by Dr. John Grohol – latest news and shopping from PlanetRx
Dr. Bob’s Mental Health Links – and Psychopharmacology Tips
RXMed – another source of drug monographs
Intimacy & Depression – its effects on marriage and families Mental Health

Depression: pathways to help
Worst things to say to someone who is depressed
Better things to say to someone who is depressed – (if you mean them)
What does depression feel like?
When you get depressed during the holidays
More holiday depression help from NIMH
You can’t fight depression by yourself
What to do for six weeks while you wait for your antidepressant to kick in
63 ways to help yourself get through depression on a day-to-day basis
Eliminate Outdated Attitudes On Mental Health – by Tipper Gore
Ten ways to help a depressed person
The Wounded Healer – help for survivors of abuse
Wings of Madness – a depression guide based on personal experience

Support groups online – help each other newsgroup
The Walkers in Darkness website
Undernet – chat support groups

  • live: #asd
  • Depression: #Walkers
  • Suicide: #suicide or #suicidal
Pendulum – support for bipolar depression (manic depression)

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