Health Benefits of Semen – Yes, You Heard Properly

Several Studies Claim Sperm Can Fight Depression, High Blood Pressure

MSNBC cites another study that states that women who swallow semen while performing oral sex have less of a chance of developing preeclampsia, a high-blood pressure disorder that can come with pregnancy.  There have been many studies on the benefits of sex. Aside from being a pleasurable experience, sex is said to boost the immune system among many other health-related pluses. However, more specifically semen has its health benefits too.

Believe it or not, there are sperm pills on the market which can make sperm taste and look better.

What is in semen?

Sperm is only 1% of semen. The rest is water, mucous, sugar and other acids and bases. According to, semen contains:

ascorbic acid (vitamin C, for tissue maintenance)
blood-group antigens (from immune system)
calcium (mineral)
chlorine (oxidizing agent)
cholesterol (steroid alcohol present in body fluids)
chlorine (base, part of the vitamin B complex)
citric acid (occurs during cellular metabolism) (Not the same as found in most grocery store items)
creatine (nitrogenous substance found in muscle)
deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
fructose (sugar used for energy)
glutathione (peptide amino acid)
Glycoproteins (cancer fighting agent)
hyaluronidase (enzyme)
inositol (sugar found in muscles)
lactic acid (byproduct of muscle use)
magnesium (mineral)
nitrogen (gas found in all living tissue)
phosphorus (mineral)
prostaglandins (good for pregnancy)
potassium (mineral)
purine (compound of uric acid)
pyrimidine (organic base)
pyruvic acid (formed from either glucose or glycogen)
selenium (cancer fighting agent)
sodium (salt)
sorbitol (body alcohol)
spermidine (catalytic enzyme)
spermine (ammonia compound found in sperm)
urea (from urine)
uric acid (from urine)
vitamin B12 (for proper function of nervous system and metabolism)
zinc (mineral)

Semen Could Be an Antidepressant

A study at the State University of New York at Albany says there is a positive correlation between unprotected sex and lower depression rates, according to an MSNBC article. While the article and researchers do not condone unprotected sex (the article in fact has a disclaimer), the results showed that females who had sex without a condom had lower depression levels by those who used them during sexual encounters, or abstained from sex.

The SUNY-Albany study says that semen contains components that can relieve stress and lower depression, and also that the vagina absorbs these components and they can be detected in the bloodstream a few hours after sex.

Looking further into this claim, this AC writer found a Gallup study which revealed similar results. The Gallup researcher measured emotional benefits of semen by dividing 293 female students into groups based on how often their partners used condoms. Then, he administered the Beck Depression Inventory to assess their emotional well-being. Those scoring under 17 on emotional inventory are considered mentally sound.

The results? Gallup found that women who never used condoms scored 8 on the Beck scale; women who used them intermittently scored 10.5; women who frequently used protection came in at 15; and those who swore by condoms scored 11.3.

The Rockall Times in the UK published a story about a similar study, citing that the scientists pushed the results of the study on female coworkers, resulting in increased morale in the research facility. In fact, the study group plans to air television ads promoting semen’s benefits.

So, if one is with a partner they can trust, perhaps in a monogamous relationship reaping the benefits of semen could make one happier-and not just because they are ‘getting some.’

Semen Can Lower Blood Pressure


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