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 This site is dedicated to spreading the word. Unleashing the free powers of the world and our universe for all to evolve with. Dissolving the ignorance that suffocates our culture, our youth, and elucidating the brute facts of existence. There is now a cause, and extreme reason to say we have a Global Health Crisis. We are deteriorating from the inside AND out. Killing ourselves while we kill others who are killing us – killing everything else in our paths; things, that weren’t even killing at all.

 …it’s really fucking simple…

A lot of people ask “How can you say that chronic disease is reversible?” The American Medical Association doesn’t say it’s reversible. The American Cancer Society says there’s no cure for cancer, and the same for AIDS. SO, how can you say that these diseases are reversible?” The answer requires an understanding of a much more advanced framework for health/medicine, and the true underlying causes of disease. Fundamentally, these diseases are fictitious in the sense that they are not caused by invading microbes — thus, they are not diseases in the way we typically think of infectious disease like smallpox, malaria or influenza.

Rather than being such types of diseases, our most common so-called ‘diseases’ like cancer, diabetes and heart disease are actually metabolic disorders. They are the end result of specific causes, and when those causes are allowed to work their destruction over a long period of time, they create a series of effects. Those effects are diagnosed by doctors and given a name. And the name is something like ‘cancer’ or ‘heart disease’ or ‘diabetes’.

If you’d like to verify this yourself, just ask any doctor for the name of the virus that causes osteoporosis. Or ask them: “What’s the name of the bacteria that causes heart disease? What’s the infectious agent for cancer?” And in all three cases, the answer will be “Well, there are none – these diseases aren’t caused by infectious agents.”

So what are they caused by? Frankly, conventional medicine can’t really give you a satisfying answer on those questions. They don’t know the causes. Sure, they can tell you what they think are causes, such as saying that diabetes is caused by insulin resistance. But all they’re actually doing is describing another symptom. The cause of diabetes is not insulin resistance, that’s just one of the cascading symptoms that leads to the ultimate diagnosis of the disease. The real question is: “What causes insulin resistance?”

So you see, if you backtrack from conventional medicine’s explanations about the causes of disease, and you keep seeking deeper and deeper causes for the symptoms, then you fairly quickly get to a point where conventional medicine has no clue, because they can’t tell you what causes insulin resistance. Yes, they can describe the biochemical mechanisms, but they can’t tell you what causes that biochemistry to take place.

The bottom line is that the leading thinkers in conventional medicine don’t understand the causes of these diseases at all. They keep looking for the biochemical interactions, and ways to manipulate or control those interactions (DRUGS), and by doing so they’re lost in the forever forest of failure. They’re looking at a microscopic level and losing sight of the actual picture. It’s classic myopia, and they reinforce that tunnel vision by automatically discrediting anything that might offer an alternative perspective.  That would cut too much into ‘their’ profits;  no sick people means no business. They don’t just want you to stay unhealthy, they NEED you to stay unhealthy. Your (bad) health is the biggest business on the planet!

Welcome to the big picture of health and healing

It takes the whole action of the human body, and everything that influences its well-being, including atmospheric and personal environments, mind-body interactions, nutrition (Diet, pH), chronic stress, pollutants, man-made chemicals, food, water, air, and things like natural sunlight, and even the amount of artificial light you are exposed to — list goes on. When you look at the impact of all of these factors on human health, you begin to get a much clearer picture of the true cause of chronic disease. And once you do that, you understand that these diseases are simply a cascading domino effect. They are a result of nutritional deficiencies, chronic stress, environmental toxins found in the air, the water and even personal care products like shampoo, deodorants and anti-static dryer sheets, make-up, synthetic clothing fabrics.

You see, when a person has a cancer tumor, it’s something that the body actually built. Conventional medicine tends to think of a tumor as some sort of alien invader, as if it swooped down from the sky and latched on to your body. But in fact, your body built the tumor. Cancer comes from within the body. There’s no microbial invader responsible. Cancer is fundamentally a failure of the body to regulate its own metabolism and clean up unhealthy, mutated cells.

In fact, the very process of cancer — the seemingly uncontrolled duplication of cells — is quite natural. It is much the same process that a fetus undergoes when it is forming in the womb. Similarly, whenever you injure yourself, and your body has to heal that injury by rebuilding skin cells or other tissues, it is involved in a cancer-like action. In fact, cancer is just a name given to a normal metabolic function that has become abnormal in the fact that it is no longer restrained. Cancer, then, is really a normal biological process taking place in the wrong context. When cells are duplicating like crazy in a fetus, it’s called a miracle of life. When cells are duplicating like crazy in the pancreas of a senior citizen, it’s called a disease. Same process, different context.

As you can see, cancer is not caused by some outside invader. It is a normal human physiological/metabolic dysfunction that’s simply out of control and unable to be regulated by the body. Well, if the body has regulated and managed this process in the past it only makes sense that the body is capable of figuring out how to regulate itself again if proper measure are taken.

You cure cancer in your sleep!

In fact, such a claim is not at all outrageous. It’s not even extraordinary. You have cured cancer countless of times in your lifetime. Every living human being cures themselves of cancer over and over again as their immune system locates and deals with cancerous cells in the body

The U.S. medical establishment claims there’s no such thing as a “cure” for cancer, and yet every person alive today is a walking cancer curing machine. I suppose next, the FDA will arrest people for exercising healthy immune system function because, to them, curing cancer is considered some sort of crime. (Read “When Healing Becomes A Crime” by Kenny Ausubel to learn more about the FDA’s longstanding crusade to oppress and outlaw legitimate cancer treatments.) Your/OUR health is being privatized, just like the world food supply (Monsanto Documentaries) , and water supply  (Documentary “The Privatization of Water, Blue Gold), and absolutely everything else.

The only time cancer gets diagnosed in your body is when your immune system is unable to do the job it already knows how to do. And the way your immune system fails is if you don’t give it the tools it needs: if you’re suffering from nutritional deficiencies or chronic dehydration, for example. It could also mean that you are poisoning your body with cancer-causing substances such as sodium nitrite, or chemical sweeteners, artificial colors, refined carbohydrates and environmental toxins such as the toxic chemicals found around your home. Common antibacterial soaps, for example, contain a chemical ingredient known as triclosan that, when combined with chlorine in tap water, generates highly carcinogenic fumes. Merely eating processed meats, recent studies show, boosts your risk of pancreatic cancer by 7600%!

Conventional medicine remains clueless on cancer

So to say that there is a cure for cancer isn’t even a stretch. In fact, the bewildering belief is the one held by conventional medicine, which insists that there is no cure for cancer. That is absolutely stunning in its ignorance, because every person alive has already cured cancer. The body is preprogrammed with the ability to cure cancer on its own. (Drug companies, of course, don’t want you to realize this.) It is astonishing that conventional medicine fails to recognize the true nature of cancer. To say that there’s no cure for cancer is to deny the healing potential of the human body. It is, in a sense, to deny one’s very own human nature.

It’s not surprising to hear this, though, since conventional medicine is often about separation from nature, or even separation from self. If you think about the way conventional medicine looks at the body, it’s all about separation and isolation. We see doctors dealing with body parts: we have foot doctors and eye doctors and ear doctors, but we have very few holistic doctors who look at the whole person — the body, the mind and the spirit — and then prescribe a healing strategy that takes into account that holistic existence.

At one level, though, I agree with the defenders of conventional medicine, because when they say that there is no cure for cancer, what they mean is that there is no “cure” if you continue to look at human beings as an accumulation of isolated parts. You can’t cure cancer if you keep peering through your microscopes trying to understand the subtle biochemistry of angiogenesis and tumorigenesis. That’s why the whole “cure for cancer” fundraising and research system in this  world is a sham. What they’re seeking is more research dollars to become even better-funded technicians who attempt to tear apart the secrets of biochemistry.

The scope of so-called “cancer research” as practiced today is far too narrow to have the necessary understanding to even believe in a cure for cancer. Thus, from their point of view, they are indeed correct: there is no cure for cancer if you view the body as a collection of parts. Similarly, some doctors think human behavior is fully accounted for by nothing more than varying levels of neurotransmitters. And get this — some artificial intelligence geeks think human beings are nothing more than complex computers (Turing machines).

In contrast to all this, if you believe that the universe is holistic in nature; if you believe that a human being is more than the sum of body parts — that we’re more than Frankenstein monsters who happen to stumble into doctors’ offices with various complaints, then it is not difficult at all to understand that the cure for cancer is within each and every one of us. And in fact, it’s built right into our DNA. The very blueprint of life on which our biological systems are based is, in fact, imprinted with the cure for cancer. In a very real way, we are preprogrammed to be cancer-free.


Beyond the Biochemistry

We are healing machines. The human body is a miracle of bio-nanotechnology that far exceeds the advances of modern science. And even if you were to understand all the physical structures and chemical interactions of the immune system, you still wouldn’t grasp its complexities, because there are many interactions in the immune system that are energetic in nature. That’s why cancer researchers can run lab tests for a hundred years and burn through billions of dollars in funding and still not uncover the mythical panacea for cancer. Trying to find a chemical cure for cancer is sort of like asking some poor sop to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. If he thinks the rainbow is physical (and not made of light energy), then he’s going to chase that rainbow endlessly. Sure, the rainbow looks real, but it’s actually a projection of vibrational energy.

A holistic view of health is much like recognizing the true nature of a rainbow — the interaction between sunlight and small particles of water, and the varying angles of refraction that split full-spectrum light into strands of visible colors.

But organized medicine (pharmaceutical companies, medical doctors, the FDA, and other similar players) still think there’s a pot of gold at the end of that research rainbow. They think they can understand the rainbow by building bigger and better tools of observation to measure rainbow properties at a microscopic level. And in time, they will create all sorts of new technical terms to describe all the rainbow observations they have made, and they will justify huge budgets to continue the rainbow research, and yet all along, they’ll still miss the fact that the entire rainbow isn’t physical at all.

Human beings are living, breathing vibrational energy

In humans, the big picture is that we, too, are vibrating energy. In fact, you could argue that every chemical interaction is energetic at the molecular level. From a physics point of view, there are no atoms, there are no electrons, we are all just vibrating energy and no physicist worth his salt would deny that.It is in fact this subtle energy that many believe will be the primary focus of the future of medicine. It’s called vibrational medicine, and it encompasses not just the energetic nature of matter itself, but also homeopathy and the energies exhibited by water as well as acupuncture, sound therapy, phototherapy, Bio-Photonics, Magneto Therapy, Colour Therapy, non-local healing, and many other energy-based therapeutic modalities with proven healing benefits.

In the holistic medicine world, curing cancer is an everyday event. Not because they’re better technicians than those in organized medicine (we aren’t), but because they operate at a deeper level of understanding about the nature of disease, the nature of human beings and biological life, and the “big picture” of healing.

If you have cancer and you want a highly technical explanation of the biochemistry of your disease, visit an M.D. or an oncologist. If you want to actually be healed, on the other hand, visit a renowned naturopath; holistic healing;

Don’t let organized medicine send you on a fool’s errand chasing rainbows. Cancer is not a pharmacological problem. It cannot be solved by applying more synthetic chemistry (prescription drugs) to the body.

All Matter responds to vibration in a unique way having its own Resonant Frequency Sign. Light is sound sped up. Electricity is sound. (Ever see sound make electricity?) The Primordial Force of the Universe is Sound/Frequency/Vibration, WITH harmonics & resonance being very unique aspects of this force. Sound creates Geometry (Cymatics), from sound waves. Colour is Frequency.  The entire Electromagnetic spectrum is many  frequencies, Brainwaves are frequencies.  A Dragonfly is a frequency . The Earth has a frequency. DNA has a frequency. Pathogens have a frequency. All Life, and the infrastructure of the Universe is Vibrational Frequency. Why would  it be crazy to understand that these subtle, universal, forces are keys to unlocking the secrets of longevity, the physics  of immortality, the elixir of life, or an ultimate Panacea to cure all ailments and diseases?  These forces created life along with Water (mediator & transducer between the energetic(electromagnetic) and material(organic/inorganic) worlds and its function as an accumulator, transmitter and transducer of energy patterns & information.).

In underground reality, there is more evidence that EM effects are more pronounced in water and in biological entities (human cells) than there is evidence for the viability of stem cells (Mainstream  Breakthrough Research) in alleviating maladies such as Alzheimers, curing or rendering cancer cells dormant, alleviating Parkinson’s, and Psychotic abnormalities, etc etc etc etc etc…)

Earth has a great Frequency(ies). It is termed ‘The Schumann Resonances’ and are the result of cosmic energy build-up within the cavity that exists between Earth’s highly conductive surface and the conducting layer in the upper atmosphere called the ionosphere. This creates a world-wide lightning display of broadband electromagnetic impulses that fill this cavity and that act as the stimulus for the cavity to resonate (most conventional scientists don’t know this). A part of Earth’s upper atmosphere is ionized plasma caused by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. This layer, the ionosphere, couples Earth’s outer magnetosphere with Earth’s inner neutral atmosphere. The Schumann Resonances are a part of many frequencies that create Earth’s “Harmonic Signature.”

So would it not be rational to at least semi-conclude from a vibratory standpoint, disharmony IS disease. The critical concept to grasp here is that all manifestations of disease, whether diagnosed as “physiological” or “psychological,” result from disruption of the primary electromagnetic harmonies and rhythms contained in the ‘auric’ fields (electromagnetic fields that all living bodies create, including  plants and planets, etc)  and corresponding ‘chakras’ (bio-energetic focal points).
Just like the Earth, we too have a magnetic field, we too emit light from our bodies (even mainstream science has proven that). These Bioenergy centers have an intimate relationship with our DNA that gives them direct regulatory access to all cellular functions.

You ever see a drawing of Earth EM field? http://images.google.ca/images?um=1&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=iIt&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&tbs=isch%3A1&sa=1&q=earth%27s+magnetic+field&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&start=0

Those points that meet in the middle are commonly coined by some as ‘chakras’. These chakras are very important for energy balance and perfect synchronization of interior and exterior rhythms ,or HEF (human energy field), and UEF (universal energy field). Chakras are bioplasmic energy fields composed of ions, free protons and electrons. This state is distinct from four known states of matter (i.e. solid, liquid, gases and plasma.) Hence chakras are fifth state of matter present in all biological life forms. The energy field of these chakras can be measured by SQUID, EEG and kirlian photography. A normal developed and opened chakra always spins clockwise and gains pranic energy from UEF while counter-clockwise movement of a chakra makes energy flow out which makes a chakra closed, sick and abnormal. Our DNA is  governed by these frequencies, and our chakras are the center-points of our magnetic fields, to say the least. Therefore, if we can find a way to reset our Bioenergy blueprint through Harmonic Resonance and Vibrational Energy, we can go directly to the crux cause of ALL diseases, aging, and perhaps even death.

We are no different than the planet that birthed us – in the manner that, we too, have a unique bio-electromagnetic field, and are governed by the frequencies of nature. Tune in and hear the sounds of healing.

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    • Thank you very much. More amazing articles to come 2012. Been working on articles you won’t find anywhere else on the net. Be sure to spread the word to the world 🙂

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  7. HI I just found your blog and I am a believer. This blog is a breath of fresh air. Healing is my passion and I have found many ways to do just that. Nutrition, Meditation, Sound healing, detoxing, Aromatherapy,parasite cleansing, enzymes and probiotics, dancing. To summarize a life of learning how to heal it comes down to many of the things you are saying. Keeping your toxic load to a minimum by avoiding things that are not supposed to be in your diet that can destroy your equilibrium or frequency balance such as hybridized wheat, canola oil, grain fed meats vs grass fed meats. The list goes on. It all comes down to frequencies. And everything we need to heal is available to us in nature in its natural form.The best food is the simplest foods. Manufactured anything has been stripped of its original frequency and corrupted. So eating corrupted foods, corrupts your bio-field. Overcooking vs raw. Microbes are our friends. The Indians thought of them as Gods. Understanding what your body needs is essential as each of us has a different bio-sphere based on the frequencies available to us at the moment of birth. One of the basic healing tools is a “loving heart.” Loving begins with you as your really not able to treat others better than you treat yourself. This is the way to heal the world, one person at a time. By re-establishing our connection to
    ourselves we reconnect to all of creation. its there inside of each and every one of us. Waiting for us to come home.

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